This "overview" page provides information about the Darrtown Fall Festival background

and the mission statement.

Origin of the

Darrtown Reunion Committee

The 2014 Bicentennial celebration

ignited thoughts of an annual event.

Following the Bicentennial, many comments, similar to those displayed below, appeared on Facebook or in email messages to Steering Committee members.


Reunion Committee formed

In response to the aforementioned requests and/or persuasions, members of the former Darrtown Bicentennial Steering Committee reconstituted themselves as the Darrtown Reunion Committee.

The Reunion Committee

adopted the following

Mission Statement.

"It is the mission of the Darrtown Reunion Committee to collect and preserve the history and artifacts of Darrtown, while fostering a “spirit of community” among all persons who have a connection to Darrtown.”

To achieve the Reunion Mission Statement,

the Reunion Committee decided to

organize a Fall Festival.

© established 12/03/07

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