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Gottlieb Wagonfield

Chronology of Gottlieb Wagonfield

  • In 1838, Gottlieb Wagonfield was born.
  • In 1867, Gottlieb Wagonfield was first married (at the age of 29 years), to Mary Silvers (1828-1894) of Butler County.
  • In February, 1894, Mary (Silvers) Wagonfield died at the age of 66 years.
  • In November, 1894, at 56 years of age, Gottlieb Wagonfield married his second wife, Barbara Schwedes, of Hamilton.

Webmaster Notes: Background to the

Gottlieb Wagonfield information that appears on this page.


An unidentified person contributed two pieces of information about Gottlieb Wagonfield, during one of the "Gatherings" at the Darrtown Hitching Post:

(1) a typed document - see "Centennial History - Page 530" (below) and

(2) a handwritten document - see "Anecdotal Information about Gottlieb Wagonfield" (below)



  • The text in the "Centennial History" document is written in present tense; note the phrase, "Mr. Wagonfield IS...a native of Prussia"...so, Gottlieb must have been alive, when this record was written.
  • Gottlieb's second marriage (in 1894) is mentioned, so this undated account of his life must have been written sometime around the beginning of the 20th century.
  • The map of 1914 property owners shows Barbara Wagonfield as the owner of 31.85 acres located on the east side of Darrtown pike, opposite the Gottlieb Wagonfield homestead. That property was known as the George Long farm, during the middle of the 20th century.

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Gottlieb Wagonfield


  • Gottlieb Wagonfield was the pioneer of Darrtown's Wagonfield family.
  • Information about Gottlieb's descendants, who lived in and around Darrtown during the 1900's, was contibuted to this website in 2015.
  • Click the following link to access information about Gottlieb's descendants.

The life and times of Gottlieb Wagonfield

(ABOVE) The original stone house on the

Gottlieb Wagonfield farm,

4124 Hamilton-Richmond Road,

located at the southern edge of Darrtown, Ohio.

(Photo contributed by Terry Genton, 2009)


Anecdotal Information about Gottlieb Wagonfield

Webmaster Notes:


According to the handwritten note above, Barbara Wagonfield was Gottlieb Wagonfield's second wife.


Barbara Wagonfield's name appears on the map of 1914 property owners as the owner of the property at 4124 Hamilton Richmond Road.


This property was known as the George Long farm, during the 1950's and the 31.85 acres cited, in the handwritten note, matches the number of acres listed on the 1914 map of property owners.


The white house, seen in the image immediately below, is the "stone house" that is mentioned in the handwritten notes at the left.


The 165 acres, referenced in the first paragraph of the above note, matches the number of acres indicated for that piece of property in the map of 1914 property owners.


In the spring of 2012, when this record was placed on this website, the former Wagonfield property, located at 4185 Hamilton Richmond Road, was owned by Charles and Janet (Walther) Menke.


Previous owners included Delmar Walther, Kirk Mee II, and Kirk Mee I.


This property subsequently sold to an unidentified party.

"Centennial History - Page 530"

Images of the Gottlieb Wagonfield Home

Terry Genton, whose family lived in the former Gottlieb Wagonfield home during the 1960's, captured the following two images of the historic structure in July of 2009.

Looking west

from Darrtown Pike

(State Route 177)

Looking east

toward Darrtown Pike

(State Route 177)

The two following images, captured from the Bing website, provide a "bird's eye view" of the old stone house.

Historic Wagonfield home demolished!

Gone forever...



In the summer of 2012, new owners of the property located at 4185 Hamilton-Richmond Road demolished the stone house that was once the home of the Gottlieb Wagonfield family.  The following image, taken in August 2012, shows the vacant site.

New information reveals that, before the Wagonfield era...

...the stone house, cited above, was the home of the Cooley family

In April 2013, information surfaced regarding the stone house that, heretofore, this web page has referred to as the Wagonfield house.


To see an excerpt from a newsletter, published by the "CHAPS" group,

that confirms that William Cooley was a previous owner of the stone house, please visit the Cooley family page.


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