ABOVE: Moving beyond flutophones...


(L-R) Janet Baumann and Betty Jean Lindley as emerging musicians (circa 1950's)

ABOVE: (L-R) David Creech and Jim Stevens appear in a late 1950's photo that was contributed by Harlan Miller, in September, 2009. Harlan reported that this shot was taken at a military camp in California.


Jack Daniels, Betty (Lindley) Daniels, and Fred Lindley - March 31, 2010.

LEFT: In late April 2012, an unidentified person left this image at the

Hitching Post. In this photo, the boys at Luther's Garage appear to be contemplating

the ills of a rototiller.


Left to right: Joe McDade; possibly Cecil Pierson; definitely Luther McVicker; and unknown.


Webmaster Note: On 12/27/2013, Cecilia Andrew confirmed that Joe McDade is the man seated at the left. In her email to the Darrtown Webmaster, Cecilia provided these comments: "The man sitting in the left side of this picture is my Granddad, "Pony" Joe McDade.  You will notice the way his left leg is held, he had an artificial leg and well known gait!"



This photo, taken during a 1955 Halloween party at the Lemmons home on Oxford Street, was contributed by Deanna (Lemmons) Richardson, who commented, "What a bunch and what fun we had. Wonderful memories."


This image captures a moment when the partiers were passing an orange from under the chin of one person to the next person in line, without using any hands.


Fred Lindley and Melva Jewell are seen trying their luck. Myrna Uhl is standing behind Melva.


Betty Jean Lindley and Beverly Bradbury are seen in the foreground, left to right.



A calmer moment from the same Halloween party described above.


The participants who are known are numbered and identified in the following image.


Deanna (Lemmons) Richardson helped identity many of the following.

1. Claude Bufler

2. Glen Bufler

3. Steven Lemmons

4. Roger Bufler

5. Deanna Lemmons

6. Unknown

7. Imogene Schultz

8. Betty Jean Wooten

9. Rosemary Krauth

10. Carolyn Lemmons

11. Fred Lindley

12. Donna Jewell

13. Judy Hansel

14. Unknown

15. Paul "Pete" Jewell

16. Janet Baumann

17. Melva Jewell

18. Betty Jean Lindley

19. Beverly Bradbury

20. Myra Hansel

21. Bob Selby

22. Shirley Michael

23. Jim Bufler

24. Myrna Uhl

25. Mattie Wooten


ABOVE: Dressed in their Sunday best...circa 1955-56


(L-R): Back row - Ronnie Wiley, Melva Jewell, and Paul Jewell.

Front row - Betty Jean Lindley, and Janet Baumann



This 2009 photo displays one of two "Welcome to Darrtown" signs. They are posted at the north and south entrances to the village. If you have information about the origin of these signs, please contact the webmaster.




Easter Sunday Best!


Circa mid-1950s


This image was donated by Deanna (Lemmons) Richardson in October 2013.


Deanna explained that this photo was taken in the spring of 1955, after Easter sunrise services.


From left to right:


Melva Jewell, Donna Jewell, Beverly Bradbury, Shirley MIchael, Janet Baumann, and Imogene Schultz


The K of P hall is seen in the background. Deanna recalls that many dances were held at the K of P Hall and during the summer some dances were held outside on the concrete pad along side the building.




Vera Wyckoff stopped her lawn-mowing long enough for neighbor Paul Weiss to snap this 1950's shot. Paul's daughter, Frances Weiss, stands beside Vera.


This shot was taken from the lawn located on the north side of the Wyckoff grocery (which became the Glardon Grocery and Don's Carry-Out). The lawn was located between Glardon's Grocery and Belle Miller's house; the Paul Weiss family rented from Belle Miller.


The view is looking toward the southeast. Glardon's Grocery is visible, at the right edge of the photo.


The Butterfield house (formerly the Brincefield house, also) is visible in the background (on the east side of Main Street). That location is a vacant lot in 2012. The Butterfield house blocks the view of the K of P Hall, which was located further south and east of the Butterfield house.


Note the gasoline engine mounted on top of the reel-style mower.


Halloween party

at Baumann's

"old house"

- circa 1953-54.


Left to right:

Jack Hansel,

Bob Young,

Linda Mee,

Betty Jean Wooten,

Melva Jewell,

and Doug Russel

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