LEFT: In this undated photo, Luther McVicker is seen sitting on the fender of the car. The other man is unidentified.


This shot appears to have been taken from behind the McVicker garage and looks north toward the K. of P. hall (the roof of that building appears in the background).



Shown here (left to right)

are Darrtown natives:

Ray Bufler,

Clyde "Junior" Wagonfield,

Dale Bufler,

and George Thome.


This undated photo,

which we gauge to have been taken around 1949-1950,

was contributed by

Fay (Dees) O'Brien,

who reported that

the picture was

likely snapped

by her brother, Bob.


ABOVE: In this 1950's photo, Janet Baumann and Paul "Pete" Jewell are seen in the Albert and Bernice Lindley home. To the right of Pete is a wood/coal burning stove (with stove pipe), which was common during the 1950's in homes that lacked central heating.

ABOVE: Left to right: Janet Baumann, Betty Jean Lindley, and Imogene Schultz (circa 1950's). These three were classmates from grade school through high school.

ABOVE: Darrtown residents and friends are pictured in this early 1940's photo.

Seated (L-R): Pat Bishop, Waldo Stumpf, and an unidentified man.

Standing (L-R): Bill Wiley, Jack Snavely, and Ray Reiff.

This image was contributed by Waldo's daughter, Freda (Stumpf) Derickson.

ABOVE: This 1961 photo shows Darrtown's Main Street (Route 177) looking north from a location opposite the Dees Grocery store. The house at the left was the Menke home, which previously housed the Stanley "Doc" Alston family.

ABOVE: Jean Bradbury and Bernice Weiss appear in this 1937 photo, which was contributed by Jean's daugher, Naomi (Witherby) Fea in August 2009. Handwritten notes on the back of the original photo reveal that this photo of Jean and Bernice was taken at Collinsville School during a "last day of school picnic" in May of 1937, when both were seniors at Darrtown High School.



Joe McDade, known locally as "Pony Joe," and an unidentified passenger sit in Joe's pony cart, in front of McVicker's garage, on Darrtown's Main Street (circa 1970's). Joe lived on the farm that is located just east of School House No. 11 on Scott Road. (In the 1950's, Cecil Phares farmed that property.)


During the 1970's, Joe was often seen traveling between his residence and Darrtown. He enjoyed visiting with others; especially those who frequented the Hitching Post and McVicker's garage.

More info about the above image: On December 27, 2013, Cecelia Andrew, granddaughter of Joe McDade, emailed the following information to the Darrtown webmaster: "The pony in the picture is his (Joe McDade's) stallion, Wishbone who was normally seen hitched with his brother Hambone to a big farm wagon. The cart he is hitched to, in this picture, belonged to Smokey Alston. Granddad borrowed it every year to give rides to people at the annual Fire Department festival."




This photo, taken by Paul Weiss, shows the view from his residence at 4291 Oxford Street in Darrtown on January 30, 1949 - looking northeast.


West Oxford Street runs between

the fence in the foreground

and the house at the left,

which was the home of

the Owen Kelly family,

in the 1950's.


The Hitching Post tavern

is seen in middle of this image.


The house seen at the right was home to the Butterfields

in the 1950's.


Previously, it was the Cheesy Brencefield home


The image at the right shows the Glardon Grocery, which is now Don's Carry-Out.


Note the house in the left background (this was the former Brincefield home).

The image at the right shows the former Dees' Grocery and Filling Station.

Both grocery store photos were taken by Paul Weiss.


Paul and his family lived in the house that stands immediately north of the Glardon store and across the street from the Dees' property.

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