ABOVE: Left to right; FRONT ROW: Nip Beckett, Clyde Wagonfield, Bill Clark, and Dale Bufler. BACK ROW: George Thome, Emert Browning, Charlie Wagonfield, and Charlie Teckman (circa early 1940s)

RIGHT: FRONT ROW: Ray Bufler, ___ Browning, Clyde "Junior" Wagonfield, and Charlie Teckman.BACK ROW: Don Day, Charlie Wagonfield, unidentified, and Dale Bufler. (circa early 1940s)


ABOVE: The Cheesy Brencefield Quartet


LEFT: Cheesy Brencefield



RIGHT: (L-R): Jack Kane, Anna Mae (Bufler) Alston, Betty Mae Alston, and Dick Bufler - with Jack's Ford coupe (circa late 1940's)

ABOVE: In June 2009, Fay Dees contributed this photo (circa late 1940's - early 1950's) of a log cabin build by her brother, Bob, and his friend, Ernie Clark. Fay wrote: "The location would be close to where Janet Baumann lived. I remember hearing about it and, one day, while I was at Janet's, we walked through the woods and came across it."

ABOVE: In September of 2009, the ladies in this image, who were classmates at Collinsville Elementary School in the late 1940's, gathered at Appleby's in Hamilton, Ohio. Left to right, they are: Betty Jane (Ross) Lawson, Jewell (Yauger) Hayes, Fay (Dees) O'Brien, Janet (Baumann) Jewell, and Betty Jean (Lindley) Daniels. Fay O'Brien had traveled from her home in California to attend the September 26, 2009 Darrtown "gathering" and the five classmates seized this opportunity to get reacquainted and reminisce about days gone by.

ABOVE: Left to right: Imogene Schultz, Betty Jean Lindley, and Janet Baumann. Photo shot at Lindley home, 3700 Hamilton-Richmond Road.

ABOVE: Miss Maria Davis

(circa 1950's - 1960's)

ABOVE: Betty (Lindley) Daniels, Cynthia Mee, and Fred Lindley - outside the Hitching Post, March 31, 2010.

ABOVE: This photo shows Darrtown's Main Street in 1963 - looking north. Paul Weiss shot this photo while standing in front of Don's Carry Out. The sign at the left reads "Pepsi - Don's Carry Out - 3.2 & 6 % Beer"

ABOVE: This 1950's era photo shows (L-R) Fred Lindley, Bill Weiss, and Bill's mother, Lois Weiss in the Weiss home on Main Street.


Fred and Bill are cousins, as Bill's mother, Lois, was married to Paul Weiss - who was a brother to Fred's mother - Bernice (Weiss) Lindley.


ABOVE: The Darrtown K. of P. Hall is seen in this photo, taken by Paul Weiss in the mid-to-late 1950's. The view is from the north east corner of Glardon's Grocery. The Dees' Grocery store was located to the left of the Pop Kola sign. The open space to the right of the Pop Kola sign was the site of the Butterfield home.

RIGHT: Contributed by Cynthia Mee in January 2010, this image was taken during a birthday party at the Mee home on North Main Street in Darrtown.


Standing: Linda Mee, Myra Hansel, Sue Hornung, Mary Sue Hersey, Catherine Hersey, Melva Jewell, and Karen McCune.


Seated: Donna Jewell, Beverly Bradbury, Betty Jean Lindley, Nancy Killough, and Cynthia Mee.

ABOVE: Betty Jean Lindley and Janet Baumann; center front, white gowns; high school event.


ABOVE: Naomi (Witherby) Fea contributed this photo from files retained by her mother, Jean (Bradbury) Witherby. The notes on the back of the photo identified those shown as Betty Jean Lindley, Naomi Jo Witherby, and Al Lindley at an August 1951 reunion.

(The reunion group and location unknown).

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