Jacob F. Popst

According to the Darrtown Family Tree, Jacob F. Popst was a "Darrtown Pioneer."

Jacob F. Popst


Francis (Smith) Popst

were the parents of...














In June 2009, Andy Popst began contributing information about the Popst family.

As Andy or other members of the Popst family provide more info, we will continue to add to this page.


Memories from Andy Popst



The following are excerpts from an E-mail that Andy Popst sent to the Darrtown.com webmaster on May 30, 2009:


"My great-grandfather ran the (Popst) hotel and saloon until the country went dry. He purchased the farm on Darrtown Road where Ken Menke now lives.


My Mom is 93 years old and she was in the 1934 Class at Darrtown; my father was in the 1933 class. I have Mom looking for her class picture as well as Dad’s.


I grew up just down the road from Darrtown, just south of Nichols road. Darrtown is in my blood as my great-grand parents are both from there. Pauline Wiley was my grandmother’s sister and former owner of the Hitching Post."



The following are excerpts from an E-mail that Andy Popst sent to the Darrtown.com webmaster on July 7, 2009:


"My great-grandparents were both from Darrtown.


On my grandmother’s side, they were raised on the farm listed as the Edwin Erbeck farm. Her maiden name was Kepler. She never talked about her mom and dad much; but, I believe there were four children: Pauline (who owned the Hitching Post) and John (who lived in New Baltimore - as I remember him visiting her). I don't remember her other brother’s name and I can't remember if I ever met him.


My dad told me that when my grandmother’s older brother started school he couldn't speak English - as his parents never taught him. Like many German families, they never spoke English at home; so, he had to learn the hard way. He did teach the others, before they started. My grandmother spoke fluent German; but, because of her early childhood she never taught my father. I do remember that her birth certificate was all in German and had to be translated to English for Social Security.


Grandfather told stories about my great-grandfather. He was blacksmith, hotel keeper and bar owner, and, like me and my grandfather, I understand that my dad spent a lot of time with him.


Dad also told me of Luther McVicker having a motorcycle when he was younger and speeding up and down Route 177 - much to the older people’s distaste.


I wonder if any one else remembers the air raid tower that sat across from the Hitching Post. I don't know who erected it or how it was erected; but, it was there in the 50's."


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