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According to the Darrtown Family Tree, both husband and wife, Thomas Nichol and Mary (Wells) Nichol are "Darrtown Pioneers."

First Generation of Thomas Nichol (1767-1819)


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1929 - Nichol Family Holds First Reunion in 40 Years!


The following news article appeared in the Hamilton (Ohio) Daily News on September 10, 1929


"Labor Day in beautiful Beech Grove of Western College, Oxford, Ohio, the Nichol family held a reunion, the first since 1889.


The Nichol family, among the oldest in this part of the state, traces back to THOMAS NICHOL and his wife ISABELLE COOK, who went from Scotland to Ireland in the time of persecution.


Their grandson, JOHN NICHOL, came to America in 1789 and his descendants were those who gathered Monday to renew and strengthen ties of blood relationship.


After a picnic dinner, a short business meeting was held, when an organization was formed with the following officers elected for the coming year: Howard Kramer, president; Mrs Nellie Hansel, vice-president; Mrs Howard Schaeffer, Treasurer.


After the business meeting, a short sketch of the family history was given by Mrs Nettie Hansel. Then Mrs Robert Todd read a letter, written to her by GILBERT MARSHALL NICHOL, of Wilder, Kansas, the oldest living member of the family, being ninety-two years of age. In the letter he gave, from his own rich experiences of pioneer days, a complete history of the past two generations. Quaint comments and contrasts, from one who can look back, so clearly, over many years made the letter one of great interest.


The remainder of the afternoon was spent in games and visiting and, at a late hour, all departed for their homes feeling they had received a pledge to their pioneer forefathers to carry on, giving their best for God and country.


Those present were:

Mrs JENNIE DOUGLAS and sons, Leonard and Dale of Cleveland;


Mr and Mrs ROBERT NICHOL and daughter Virginia of Anderson, Indiana;

Mr and Mrs ROBERT TODD of Middletown;





Mr and Mrs HORTON ROTH and sons Joseph and Lewis;

Mr and Mrs EDWARD STEPHENSON and daughters Sara and Mary Louise;

Charles Hansel and sons George and Warren;

MARK NICHOL and sons John and George;

Mr and Mrs CHARLES WILLIAMSON and children, Harry, Eleanor and Margaret;

Mr and Mrs HOWARD KRAMER and children, Bobby and Helen;

Mr and Mrs CLARK KRAMER and children, Doris, Eunice and Donald;



Mr and Mrs JOHN HEBRON and children Bobby, Jean and Mary Alice."

Conflicting Records


Webmaster Notes: The 1929 news article (at the left) provides information about the Nichol family of Darrtown, Ohio, as remembered and/or recorded by the unknown writer.


This news article is a delightful example of the prose that was used during the early 20th century. However, it includes information that conflicts with the census information that appears above, in the section - labeled "First Generation of Thomas Nichol (1767-1819).


Based on census records, it appears that John Nichol was the SON, not the grandson, of Thomas and Isabelle (Cook) NIchol.


It seems that the paternal line runs:


Thomas NIchol

>> John Nichol

>>> Thomas NIchol (1767-1819) of Darrtown.

George H. Nichol


The following was found in the Butler County / Biographical section (page/entry # 547-548) at Memoirs of the Miami Valley


"George H. Nichol


For one of its oldest families and most interesting agricultural landmarks, Hanover township, Butler county, is indebted to the courage and farsightedness of the progenitor of the Nichol family in this region, who took up his residence here during the presidency of James Monroe.


John W. Nichol was of Scotch-Irish extraction and came from Pennsylvania. Entering a goodly portion of land he erected a dwelling of rough logs, and a stout heart and eager determination transformed hardships into shining stepping-stones to better things, so that he realized many of his worthy ambitions and became a prominent and well-to-do man of his locality.


On this farm was born his son, Joseph W. Nichol, who married Henrietta Kyger, who belonged to an old family of Pennsylvania. She was born on the old Kyger homestead in Milford township that is now owned by her son, John W. Nichol, one of the enterprising, progressive and successful agriculturists of Butler county.


Following their marriage, Joseph W. and Henrietta Nichol took up their residence on the Nichol place, and there followed farming successfully until Mr. Nichol's death, after which his widow moved to Hamilton, where she passed away. They were laid to rest side by side in the cemetery at Darrtown.


Their children were: John W., of Darrtown; Mrs. Nellie Hansel, of that place; Mrs. Sallie Herron; Mrs. Louise Coulter; Elizabeth, who is deceased; and George H.


George H. Nichol was born on the old Nichol homestead in Hanover township, June 25, 1867, and received good educational advantages, attending the schools of Hanover township and Oxford, and also spending one year at Lebanon university.


After leaving school he began to assist his father at home, and February 19, 1897, was married in Milford township to Elizabeth, daughter of Henry and Margaret Snyder, former residents of this township who are now deceased.


The Snyder children were: Mrs. Ida Trump; Samuel; Elizabeth, now Mrs. Nichol; Mrs. Barbara and Mrs. Maggie Harris; Harris; William; and Charles, who is deceased.


After their marriage, Mr. and Mrs. Nichol settled on their present property, which consists of 200 acres, and which is highly improved and in an excellent state of cultivation. In addition to this property, Mr. Nichol owns another tract of 159 acres in Milford township, and a one-half interest in a third property, of 218 acres, likewise in Milford township.


While general farming has been his regular business and one in which he has gained a full share of prosperity, he has also met with much success in raising Shorthorn cattle and is considered an authority upon live stock. He is a member of the Knights of Pythias lodge at Darrtown and of the Lutheran church, and takes a wholesome interest in charitable institutions, being one of the most generous men when called upon to forward and assist any worthy cause, as exemplified in his large contributions to the various war drives. His clean and upright life commands respect and good will, and, as the legitimate owner and custodian of a large estate, he inspires admiration for his sagacious and thrifty management and control.


To Mr. and Mrs. Nichol there have been born four children: Helen, Joseph M., Dorothy and Elizabeth Louise, of whom Dorothy is deceased."

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