Paul Miller

Paul Ambrose "Pody" Miller (1900-1948), his wife, Effie May (Creech) Miller (1920-1999), and their two sons, Harlan Miller and Raymond Miller, lived on Apple Street, west of Main Street, during the late 1940's.


Paul's parents were William George Miller and Anna (Paris) Miller. Effie's parents were Tice and Rose Creech, who lived at 3240 Schollenbarger Road.


Paul "Pody" Miller was a veteran of World War I.


After Paul Miller's death, Effie Miller married Paul Waddell. That marriage resulted in two additional children: Douglas Waddell and William Waddell.


For more information about Harlan Miller, see the Recollections of Harlan Miller.


Unless noted otherwise, the information and photographs displayed on this page were contributed by Harlan Miller in late September, 2009.

ABOVE: Harlan Miller, second grade, Collinsville School

ABOVE: Raymond Miller, approximately age five


ABOVE: This photo (circa late 1940's) shows Raymond Miller on the tricycle with cousin, David Creech, in the car. This shot was taken from the Miller property, facing east - toward Main Street - which runs north and south between the two houses at the left. The house that is facing the camera stands on the east side of Main Street and belonged to the ___ family. The other house at the left, which faced east, toward Main Street, was the Emmons Alston residence. The house at the right belonged to the Smith family.

ABOVE: Harlan and Raymond Miller (circa late 1940's). In this photo, the Miller brothers are standing on Apple Street - facing west. The Smith house appears behind the boys, at the left. Later, the Menke family lived there - before moving one house south, across Apple Street (to the right in this photo) into the house which had been the Stanley "Doc" Alston family home.

ABOVE: Harlan Miller, with brother, Raymond Miller, and cousin, Roberta Edwards

LEFT: (circa late 1940's) Left to right: Conley Strong (holding the dog), Doug Waddell (on tricycle); William Waddell (on tractor); the person behind William is unknown; and the boy in the small car is unknown. Standing at the right is Raymond Miller.


Harlan Miller recalled these thoughts about this photo:

  • Conley Strong farmed on Scott Road and was married to Betty Quick (sister of Jerry and Bob Quick).
  • The dog, named "Bonnie," was known to be an outstanding coon dog.
  • The automobile parked at the right was a 1946 Buick.

RIGHT: The boys shown

in this photo

(circa late 1940's)

include (left to right):


Front row: Russell Collins, Raymond Miller, and Billy Collins.


Back row: Jimmy Stevens, Harlan Miller, and John "Junior" Collins.

BELOW: These two images show Harlan Miller in the outfit that he wore when performing as a country and western singer. These images were taken in the Hitching Post during the early 1950s, when Harlan and his father, Paul "Pody" Miller (seen above, with the guitar) performed during several of the Red Huber Christmas parties. Harlan's musical selections often included "yodeling."

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