Lewis. A. Miller - a.k.a. "L. A." Miller

Miller Family Profile

As indicated by the "pioneer" icon in the image at the right, L. A. Miller has been granted "Darrtown Pioneer," status, in the Darrtown Family Tree, because he was the first of this Miller family to live in Darrtown.


Genealogy research has identified L. A. Miller as Lewis A. MIller.


Eva (Phillips) Miller, wife of L .A. Miller, is not (yet) labeled a Darrtown "pioneer," because there is reason to believe that her parents lived in or near Darrtown. Research about the Phillips family is ongoing.

 None of us who are associated with this website have personal memories of Mr. L. A. Miller. A few of us can recall some Miller family members.


We also know, from an article about the Darrtown Telephone Company, that L. A. Miller:

  • was born in Vigo County, Indiana
  • graduated from Central Normal University in Danville, Indiana
  • taught schools in Butler County, Ohio for 26 years
  • was principal of the Darrtown school
  • owned and operated the Darrtown Telephone Company
  • was a fur buyer and trader.


See the full newspaper article at: Organizations / Businesses / Page 5.


As of January 2015, we have not had any contact with, or records from, descendants of the L. A. Miller family. If you possess information about the L. A. Miller family that you are willing to share, please contact the Darrtown.com webmaster.

ABOVE: This image profiles the first four generations of the L. A. Miller family, as they are known in December, 2014.

The following image displays the header to the 1900 U. S. federal census page

that contained information about the L. A. Miller family.

The L. A. Miller section of the 1900 federal census page (seen above) reveals the following about the L. A. Miller family:


  • Lewis A Miller: "head" of the family; a white (Caucasian) male; born in October of 1862; 37 years old; and married for 17 years.
  • Eva M. Miller: wife of Lewis A. Miller; a white female; born in September of 1865; 34 years old; and married for 17 years.
  • Ernest A. Miller: son of Lewis and Eva; a white male; born in March of 1887; and 13 years old.
  • L. A. Miller was a school teacher
  • Ernest Miller was a student "at school"

The following images show census information about the Miller family/household from Darrtown, Ohio.


Individuals cited:

  • Lewis A. Miller
  • Eva Miller, wife of Lewis
  • Ernest Miller, son of Lewis and Eva
  • Bell (Wilke) Miller, wife of Ernest
  • William Moulton Miller, son of Ernest and Bell

Webmaster Note: From entries in L. A. Miller’s diaries, it is established that Eva Miller’s maiden name was Phillips (see the Phillips family page).




On January 14, 2015, Kim Johnson and Fred Lindley located the 1880 census report (displayed below) that revealed the following, heretofore, unknown facts about the L.A. Miller family:

  • Otto E. Miller and Lewis A. Miller were brothers (also, confirmed in L. A. Miller's 1915 diary).
  • Their parents were named Irwin and Odelia.
  • Otto and Lewis had a younger sister named Emma.


Site of Miller home confirmed by 1914 map


The following image (lifted from a 1914 map of Darrtown) shows that the L. A. Miller home was located in the triangular piece of land that is formed by the intersection of Scott Road and the Hamilton-Richmond Pike (St. Rt. 177). The structure still stands today (January 2015).


The L. A. Miller Diaries


Spanning the years of 1900 - 1937, there are (currently)

30 volumes that describe the life and times of L. A. Miller.


This collection is an

anecdotal goldmine of Darrtown history!


To review the Miller Diaries, click the following links:


The Darrtown Telephone Co.


Mr. L.A. Miller owned and operated

the local phone company during

the years of the Great Depression.



For more information about

this local, privately-owned, business,

see: The Darrtown Telephone Co.

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