R. Kirk Mee II

ABOVE: Kirk Mee II with two of his prize bulldogs. In the 1940's, Kirk raised bulldogs for competition (see Recollections of Kirk Mee II.)

ABOVE: The R. Kirk Mee II family appears in a 1945 wedding photo taken at the Mee residence in Darrtown. Left to right: Cynthia, Kirk II, and Linda stand in front of their parents, Bette and Kirk Mee II.

ABOVE: 1928 McGuffey High School undefeated football team......maybe?


This team photo includes R. Kirk Mee (middle row, second from right). Unfortunately, other persons are not identified. Since R. Kirk Mee II graduated from McGuffey High School in Oxford, Ohio, we assume that this is a McGuffey team. Lettering on the football being held at the center of the photo reports zero losses in the year 1928. The number of wins cannot be discerned.

ABOVE: The R. Kirk Mee II Family - 1966


L-R: Linda and Frank Fawcett ; Virginia and Roger Burns with their son, Kirk Burns; Kirk Mee III; Bette and Kirk Mee II; Cynthia and Joe Jorden

ABOVE: "Dads and Daughters"

From left (back to front): Father, Kirk Mee II and his daughters, Linda Mee, and Cynthia Mee. From right (right to left): Father, John Mee with his daughter Virginia.

ABOVE: Civil Defense - circa 1950s


ABOVE: "Maj. A. W. Masterson, USAF, third from right, is pictured congratulating Butler County Commissioner Arthur Reiff on the simultaneous construction of five observation posts for the Butler County Ground Observer Corps during ceremonies Wednesday night at Darrtown. Maj. Masterson is the Ohio GOC Coordinator. Those shown in the photograph , left to right, include: Kirk Mee, Darrtown post supervisor; Larry Hoyser, Butler County Civil Defense director; Ben S. VanGorden, Butler County Commissioner; Mr. Reiff; Maj. Masterson; Capt. Gene V. Kee, commander of the Columbus GOC Filter Center; and James Logan, director of training and education, Ohio Civil Defense."


Webmaster Note: The bottom portion of the Darrtown watch tower stairway is visible in the background of the photo above.

ABOVE: Kirk Mee II is seen standing next to the Darrtown Cemetery gravesite of his brother, John F. Mee.

ABOVE: Bette (Mahaffey) Mee is shown standing near the Mee gravesite that she and Kirk selected.

ABOVE: These three photos relate to the occasion when Mrs. Bette Mee contributed funds

to restore the Mee family stained-glass window at the Darrtown Methodist Church.

ABOVE: This image includes Mee family members who gathered for the funeral of Bette Mee. Names to be added...

ABOVE: Bette ( Mahaffey ) Mee

Kirk Mee residence on Schollenbarger Road


(BELOW) In late September 2018, Kirk Mee III donated these two images of the former Mee home, at 3262 Schollenbarger Road.

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