R. Kirk Mee I



R. Kirk Mee I


R. Kirk Mee I was known to many as "Col. Mee."


The son of John F. Mee I, the Colonel's attire routinely included 10-gallon hats and black, Windsor neck ties.



 Helen Hinkernell


Helen Hinkernell of Ada, Ohio, married R. Kirk Mee I, in 1907.


(Image provided by Kirk Mee III)



Linn Place

(circa 1900)


This image shows the R. Kirk Mee residence,

which was located at 4458 Hamilton-Richmond Road,

just north of Darrtown's northern boundary.


Over the years, the guest list,

at Col. Mee's Linn Place residence in Darrtown,

 included a President of the United States,

several Ohio Governors and Senators.

Abbreviated Mee Family Tree


R. Kirk Mee I was born at Darrtown, Ohio, December 1, 1886, the son of John F. and Mary E. Mee. In 1907, R. Kirk Mee I married Helen Hickernell of Ada, Ohio. R. Kirk Mee I and Helen (Hickernell) Mee had two sons: John F. Mee II and R. Kirk Mee, II.


The older son, John F. Mee II, who was named for his grandfather, John F. Mee I, married three times.

  • John's first wife was Rachel (Gilbert) Mee and they had one daughter, Virginia.
  • John's second wife was Judith (Prentis) Mee and they had one one son, Raymond Kirk Mee.
  • John's third wife was Muriel (Collins) Mee and they had one daughter, Marcia.

For more information about John F. Mee, visit: Recollections of John F. Mee.


The younger son, Kirk Mee II and his wife, Betty (Mahaffey) Mee had four children:

  • Son, Kirk Mee III
  • Son, David Lowell Mee (died at age two months)
  • Daughter, Linda Mee
  • Daughter, Cynthia Mee.

For more information about R. Kirk Mee II, visit: Recollections of Kirk Mee II.


For more information about the three children of Kirk and Bette Mee (R. Kirk III, Linda, and Cynthia), please visit: Mee Family 3.

(Unless noted otherwise, the following Mee family images were contributed by Cynthia Mee.)

ABOVE: Abraham Mee

(Image provided by Kirk Mee III)

ABOVE: John Franklin Mee

(Image provided by Kirk Mee III)

William H. Mee

(Image provided by Kirk Mee III)

John F. Mee, I - Background

RIGHT: 1873 Teaching Certificate Awarded to John F. Mee I


John F. Mee I, father of R. Kirk Mee I, earned this Butler County (Ohio) teaching certificate in 1873. Three Butler County school examiners signed the Teacher's Certificate that certified Mr. John F. Mee "possesses an adequate knowledge of the Theory and Practice of Teaching, and is qualified to teach Orthography, Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Geography, and English Grammar, and that he has exhibited sufficient evidence that he sustains a good morale character." The certificate was signed on November 1, 1873. The certificate was deemed "valid for eighteen months from date."


A dictionary defines orthography as "the study of spelling and how letters combine to represent sounds and form words."

R. Kirk Mee I - Biography


The following biographical sketch of R. Kirk Mee I was excerpted from Page 474 of the "Memoirs of the Miami Valley," which is was published in 1919 and found at rootsweb.ancestry.com.


"R. Kirk Mee. The agricultural interests of Butler county have no more progressive or enterprising representative than R. Kirk Mee, who, after an experience in mercantile pursuits, has returned to the soil and is now extensively and successfully engaged in operations in Milford township, Butler county.


Mr. Mee was born at Darrtown, Ohio, December 1, 1886, a son of John F. and Mary E. Mee. He received a common school education in the Darrtown and Oxford public schools, and later pursued his studies in Miami university and Ohio Northern University.


He was married May 8, 1907, to Helen Frances Hickernell of Ada, Ohio, daughter of the Rev. Calvin B. and Mollie (Schoonover) Hickernell. Mrs. Mee was educated in the public schools of Ada and at Ohio Northern university, and also studied vocal music under the late Mrs. Harriet Walker Tyson and Professor Owen. She is a member of the Eastern Star and of the Theta Phi Delta college sorority.


Mr. and Mrs. Mee are the parents of two children, John F. Mee, jr., and R. Kirk Mee, jr.


Mr. Mee is a thirty-second degree Mason of the Scottish Rite at Cincinnati, a Knight Templar, and a member and treasurer of the Mystic Shrine at Hamilton, at which city he also holds membership in the B. P. O. E. In addition to these fraternal connections he is affiliated with the Sigma Phi Epsilon college fraternity at Ohio Northern university, and to the Theta Nu Epsilon inter-college fraternity. One of the active and influential Democrats of his county, during the past eight years he has been assistant secretary and a member of the Democratic Executive Committee of Butler county, as well as being deputy State Supervisor and inspector of elections of the same county. He is the youngest member of the Butler County Agricultural Board, which he is now serving in the capacity of treasurer. Mr. Mee has also been president of the board of Education of Milford township, and helped materially in bringing the schools up to their present high standard."

ABOVE: Helen Hickernell (right) with unidentified college friend

ABOVE: Brothers Kirk Mee II and John F. Mee

ABOVE: This image captures a moment when Mee family members were engaged in some "back porch" relaxation. John Mee is seated front center. His sister, Edna (Mee) Stork and her husband are sitting left and right on the porch steps. Seated in the chairs at the rear are Mrs. John F. Mee and Mr. John F. Mee.

ABOVE: John F. Mee. Image found in "Photographs of Frank R. Snyder," Miami University Libraries Digital Collections. NOTE: The Snyder Collections labels this image as "Kirk Mee Jr. - 1912." However, Kirk Mee II was born in 1911 and the child shown in this 1912 image appears to be more than one year old. Hence, we assume that "Jr." (above) is actually John Mee.


 Helen (Hickernell) Mee, sitting, is seen holding her two sons, John F. Mee (left) and R. Kirk Mee (right), with her sister-in-law, Edna (Mee) Stork standing.



John Mee (age and location unknown)

ABOVE: Brothers, John Mee (kneeling) and Kirk Mee appear in front of the Stork home in Oxford, Ohio.

ABOVE: This photo shows the Kirk Mee Sr. Family. Left to right: Kirk Mee I, younger son, Kirk Mee II, older son, John F. Mee, and Mrs. Kirk (Helen Hickernell) Mee. Note that the attire worn by John in this photo is reminiscent of the uniforms worn by other boys shown in the "Darrtown's Army" photo (see Organizations - page 2).

In the photo above, we can discern the Mee barn on Rt. 177, with its distinctive post supports seen in the background - which places these four individuals in the backyard of the Mee residence. John F. Mee stands at the left, next to his maternal grandmother, _____ , who is holding John's brother, Kirk Mee II. The person standing at the right is unidentified.

ABOVE (L-R): Standing - ____, Kirk Mee I, ____, Edna (Mee) Stork, and Arthur Stork; seated (on ground) R. Kirk Mee, II, (in chair) ___, Helen Mee, ____.

RIGHT: The bikers include the Mee brothers, Kirk (left) and John (right). The photo is undated. The fence in the background is similar to that seen in other Linn Place photographs. The poles beyond the fence appear to be designed to deliver electricity.

ABOVE: This image shows Kirk Mee II, in the foreground with brother, John F. Mee, in the background - along with their mother at the mail box. Given the structures seen in the background and knowing that the Kirk Mee II family once lived at the Mee propery on Schollenbarger Road, we assume that this mail box stood at the south side of the road and the camera shot was taken from west toward east.

ABOVE: This image displays the Daughters of the American Revolution membership card that was granted to Mrs. Helen H. Mee.

Dated March 7, 1922, the membership card notes that Mrs. Mee's membership was accepted on February 8, 1922. The assigned membership number is 176481.



The Mee brothers appear next to the roadster, with John Mee standing at the rear (left) and younger brother Kirk Mee II at the front (right).


A crank handle hangs from above the license plate, which reads "895 753 Ohio 1926."


We do not know the make of the car; however it displays a radiator cap with wings - which may help sport car aficionados identify the auto manufacturer.

RIGHT: (L - R)

Back: Bess Hickernell (Helen's sister), John F. Mee, Helen (Hickernell) Mee, Kirk Mee II.

Front: Virginia Mee and Kirk Mee III.

LEFT: (L - R) Back: Brothers, Kirk Mee II and John F. Mee; then their partents, Helen Mee, and Kirk Mee I.

Front: Cousins, Kirk Mee III and Virginia Mee (John's daughter)

LEFT: This photo was taken during a 1945 wedding at Linn Place. Parents, Helen and R. Kirk Mee I, stand at the center with sons, John F. Mee at the left and R. Kirk Mee II at the right. II.

RIGHT: (L-R): Kirk Mee I, ___ Mee, John Mee II, and Helen (HIckernell) Mee

Mrs. Helen (Hickernell) Mee dies in auto accident

- Wife of R. Kirk Mee


The following news item appeared in the Ada, Ohio newspaper (August 1949)


"Mrs. Helen (Hickernell) Mee, 62, of Oxford, died Monday evening in Lima Memorial hospital from a stroke suffered while driving her car on North Main street here last Sunday evening.


Mrs. Mee became ill suddenly when nearing Ada on a return trip from Findlay. She was unable to reply when her sister, Mrs. Bess Meighan, mentioned her erratic driving. A moment later the car crashed into a utility pole in front of the Earl Dome residence. Both the stricken driver and her sister were rushed to the Lima hospital where Mrs. Meighan was found to have escaped with slight injuries.


Mrs. Mee was born in LaFayette on Aug. 15, 1887, that daughter of C. B. and Mary (Schoonover) HIckernell, both of whom were well known residents of this community for many years. Her mother was a teacher of Latin at the university and high school and her father served as mayor her from 1900 to 1902. Surviving are two sons, John of Bloomington, Ind. and R. Kirk Mee, Jr. of Darrtown, and the sister, Mrs. Bess Meighan of Ada, two brothers, Warren Hickernell of New York City, and Charles, Warwick, N. Y.; and six grandchildren.


A musician, who had received her training at Northern under Hugh Owens, Mrs. Mee shared her talent graciously, singing 30 years for the Oxford Eastern Star chapter and for many years at Unity Temple in Hamilton. She was a member of the D. A. R. in Hamilton; the Oxford Women's club; a charter member of the Tallawanda Garden Club in Darrtown; and a member of the Methodist church there.


Funeral services were held Thursday afternoon at her home, Linn Pl. Darrtown."

Mrs. Helen (Hickernell) Mee death notice

- Wife of R. Kirk Mee


The Oxford Press - Oxford, Ohio ~ August 23, 1949


"Mrs. Helen Mee, age 62, widow of R. Kirk Mee, R. R. 2, Oxford, died at 5:30 o'clock Monday, afternoon in Lima Memorial Hospital, Lima, Ohio. She was stricken while on a trip with her sister, Mrs. Jack Meighan of Ada, Ohio. Death was attributed to a heart condition.


The daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Hickernell, she was born in Lafayette, O., August 15, 1887. Mr. Mee died in August, 1948.


Mrs. Mee was a member of the Hamilton chapter of the D. A. R., the Oxford Women's club, the Oxford Music club, the Tallawanda Garden club, and the Oxford chapter of Order of Eastern Star. She attended Darrtown Methodist church.


Mrs. Mee leaves two sons, R. Kirk Mee, Jr. R. R. 2, Oxford, John Mee, Bloomington, Ind.; two brothers, Warren and Charles Hickernell, New York; the sister, Mrs. Jack Meighan, Ada, O., and six grandchildren.


Funeral services will be held at 2 o'clock Thursday afternoon at the Mee home "Linn Place," Darrtown. Burial will be in Darrtown cemetery. Friends may call Wednesday afternoon and evening at the residence."

Edna Mee Stork Remembered

- Sister of R. Kirk Mee


Edna (Mee) Stork was the sister of Col. R. Kirk Mee I. The images at the right display a note that members of the Oxford Worth While Club sent to the Mee family upon the passing of Edna Mee Stork. The note contained the following message:


"Resolution of Sympathy and Love


Whereas, Almighty God in His Omnipotence on the second day of January nineteen hundred and thirty seven, removed from her earthly home to dwell with Him, our beloved member, Edna Mee Stork.


And Whereas, she was one of the most beloved and faithful members of the Oxford Worth While Club. Therefore, be it resolved by the Worth While Club that in this sad hour, we bow in humble submission, with the knowledge that our Almighty Father doeth all things well.


Be it further resolved that we extend to her bereaved Mother, brother, and the other members of her family our unbounded sympathy and condolence.

That a copy of these resolutions be spread upon the minutes of this Club, and that a copy therefore be sent to her bereaved Mother and be published in the local newspaper.


Dear Edna, you are not forgotten

Though on earth you are no more.

Still in memory you are with us

As you always were before.



Mary Brandenburg, Lou Johnson, and Lillian Douglass


Mee Room Dedication at Miami University's Marcum Center - Oxford, Ohio


The photo at the left and the caption below appeared in the Oxford Press (circa 1970's)



"Miami University dedicated the R. Kirk and Bette Mee guest room at the Marcum Conference Center last week in honor of the Oxford couple. The Mees have been a prominent local family for several generations.


The room was furnished by John and Muriel Mee (left, flanked by Miami University President Paul Pearson) of Bloomington, Ind., brother and sister-in-law of Oxford's Kirk Mee, retired farmer and banker.

ABOVE: Linn Place ~ 2008

Although no longer owned by the Mee family,

the former Linn Place property retained its distinctive character.

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