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George Kramer

According to the Darrtown Family Tree, both husband and wife, George Kramer and Barbara Ann Kramer are "Darrtown Pioneers."


They moved to their farm north of Darrtown, as a married couple and created a family of ten children

(see names in the image at right).

Mrs. Alice (Kramer) Miller, daughter of Fred and Margaret Kramer contributed the two undated, black and white photographs (below) of the Kramer farm.


In 2008, Harold and Cathy (Kramer) Richardson farm the land, which lies immediately north of Bogan Elementary School, 5200 Hamilton-Richmond Road.



This photograph shows the Kramer homestead when Fred Kramer was a young boy.


The men in the photo are unidentified; but, according to Alice (Kramer) Miller, Fred is the boy standing with the toy wagon.

Darrtown Pike - then and now...as it passes the Kramer farm



Yes, it is true.

That one-lane,

dirt road

(or "pike" as it was known in its day)

is now State Route 177 (Hamilton - Richmond Road).



The photo at the right, shot by Fred Lindley in June, 2008, attempts to replicate the same perspective of the Kramer farm and State Route 177 that is shown in the photo above.

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