ABOVE: - A depiction of seven generations

~ from Ignaz Weiss (born 1840)

to Naomi Alizah Rodgers (born 2014)

This section of Darrtown.com is devoted to the genealogy of any individual and/or family that lives (or lived) in Darrtown and vicinity.


Existing Darrtown genealogy records have been gathered from research or information submitted by family members and friends.


If your family is not represented and you would like for it to be, please inform the Webmaster.

Genealogy information about Darrtown families is available at the following sources.

Family Pages

on this website

The Darrtown Family Tree

at Ancestry.com

The Darrtown Family Tree

at Family Tree Maker

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Learn how you can acquire copies of genealogy records; see Genealogy Reports

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