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~ from Ignaz Weiss (born 1840)

to Naomi Alizah Rodgers (born 2014)



based on Darrtown

Family Tree records,



This page explains how you may acquire genealogy reports for families that are included in the Darrtown Family Tree.


From Records to Reports


Darrtown Family Tree genealogy


appear in the Darrtown Family Tree at Ancesty.com.



Darrtown Family Tree genealogy


are generated from Family Tree Maker.com


Typically, Family Tree Maker reports are formatted and printed as "descendant reports."


The following image (with explanatory notes added) is an example of a descendant report.

Before genealogy reports can be generated, the genealogy records must exist.

So, the first step is to determine whether a family record exists in the Darrtown Family Tree.

To do that, take a trip to the tree...

Here are the steps in the journey

from records to reports...

Step 1: Request access to the Darrtown Family Tree, by sending an email to the Darrtown webmaster (use the webmaster link at the bottom of this page).


Step 2: After you send your request for access, watch for an email from Ancestry.com. When it arrives, the Ancestry email will include instructions for accessing the Darrtown Family Tree.


Step 3: While waiting for the "access email" to arrive, review the following chart. The hints in the chart will help you understand the Ancestry formatting that you will see, after you gain access to the Darrtown Family Tree at Ancestry.com.

Step 4: After you receive the "access email" and accept the invitation to the Darrtown family tree, conduct a search for one or more of your ancestors.


Step 5: Based on what you uncover in your ancestor search (step 4, above), then complete the steps outlined in the following flowchart.


IF YOU DECIDE TO ORDER A DESCENDANT REPORT……a PayPal order form is being developed.

Meanwhile, please use the "temporary contact" method described below.





  • Click the "Contact the Darrtown Webmaster" link, in the footer -below, to send an email to the Darrtown.com webmaster.
  • Include the name of the person(s) whose report(s) you want to receive and specify how you want to receive your report(s).
  • There are two ways to receive your report(s): Electronic copy - sent by email (this will be a PDF document that you may use to print multiple copies). Paper copy - sent by U.S. postal service (this will be a PDF document that you may use to print copies).
  • The cost of your report will be based on the number of pages in your report(s) and how you want to receive your report(s). Based on your preference, the webmaster will calculate a cost and inform you of the total cost.
  • You may then decide if you want the webmaster to process your order.

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