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Acknowledging the power of the Internet

and the thoughtful generosity of Roy Yeomans!


Without the Internet and the thoughtful generosity of Roy Yeomans, we would not have known that these four other MIller diaries existed.


On March 8, 2018, I wrote another email to Roy to express my sincere appreciation for his thoughtfulness and generosity. Parts of that email appear below.

 Dear Reader: This section provides a more detailed explanation of how four L.A. Miller diaries were returned to the Darrtown community in 2018...eighty-one years after Mr. Miller wrote his 1937 diary - which is the last diary in the collection that we possess. Respectfully, Fred Lindley It started on the first day of February 2018, when I received the following email message.


On 2/1/18, 6:46 PM, Rj Yeomans wrote:




    I wrote to you several years ago regarding 4 diaries I purchased that once belonged to Mr. L.A. Miller. I found them at an antique store here in Colorado Springs and, being a history major in college, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to have such a wonderful piece of history.


    I have read through Mr. Miller's diaries (what I can read that is, his handwriting sometimes proves a bit difficult as I'm sure you know) and they have been such a joy to have in my own collection.


    However, my wife and I are in the process of downsizing some of our possessions (sometimes you look around and just say, "How did I ever accumulate this much stuff!?" Haha!) and I have decided that I would like to send you these diaries to add to your collection. Though I will be a little sad to see them go, I know they are going to good hands and belong to be with the rest of their "family".


    They are still in the same condition that they were in when I purchased them.  I have been careful to handle them with gloves and, for the most part, they have been stored in a glass curio cabinet so as not to be damaged.  I've attached pictures so you can see.


    The diaries I have are from the years 1900, 1902, 1908, 1909.


    Please send an address that you would like them delivered to so that they can find their way back to Darrtown at last.

I responded to Mr. Yeoman’s email, with the following message:


From: Fred Lindley

Date: 2/5/18 1:24 PM (GMT-07:00)

To: roy.j.yeomans

Subject: FW: L.A. Miller Diaries




I am so anxious to receive the Miller diaries that you offered. If possible, please confirm that you received my response and expression of interest. Also, if possible, please indicate a date when the diaries are scheduled to arrive here. I want to watch for them and not have them sitting on my doorstep in this Ohio winter weather.


Thank you!




Roy Yeomans responded with this message:


On 2/20/18, 4:25 PM roy.j.yeomans wrote:





I sent the diaries today. Apparently the post office was closed for Presidents Day yesterday so I was unable to send them then.

They are expected to arrive to you on Thursday. The USPS tracking number is: (number redacted). I would appreciate knowing that they got there ok, so could you send me an email when you have them?



R.J. Yeomans

Having received Roy’s email (above), when the diaries arrived, I sent the following email message to him.


On 2/23/18, 5:52 PM Fred Lindley wrote:




I am happy to inform you that the four L.A. Miller diaries arrived today. I am ecstatic to have them in my possession, on behalf of the Darrtown, Ohio community.


I am overwhelmed by your kind, thoughtful, and generous act of donating these historic documents. Please be assured that I will acknowledge you, on the Darrtown website, as the person who contributed Mr. Miller's diaries from the years 1900, 1902, 1908, and 1909.


With extreme appreciation,



The Yeomans Donation

About a week later, I sent another email to Roy and asked hm to explain how he acquired the four Miller diaries. He graciously responded with the following message:


On 3/8/18, 2:02 AM Rj Yeomans wrote:




Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you, but I would be happy to answer your questions.


As I mentioned in a previous email, I majored in history at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (UCCS).  I've always had a fascination with the past and have been an avid collector of antiques for most of my adult life.


In December of 2013, my wife (knowing my love of history) gifted me with the four diaries for Christmas.  She had been shopping at a local antique store (American Classics Marketplace) when she came upon the diaries.  At the time, neither of us knew of Darrtown or the larger collection of Mr. Miller's writings.  It was the best gift I got that Christmas though.  I loved those diaries and set out to discover if there were others.


My search led me to your website.  I contacted you then to let you know I had them but at the time was not ready to give them up.




On 3/8/18, 6:33 AM Fred Lindley wrote:




... please tell you wife that I greatly appreciate the thoughtful Christmas gift that she gave you back in 2013. I continue to appreciate how events are connected…in this case, your wife's discovery of the diaries; her thinking of you and making the purchase; you thinking of Darrtown and making the connection with me; and then you following through on donating them to our collection. Amazing…



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