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Diaries - Background

As of March 2018, we possess 31 diaries/journals that were written by Darrtown resident, Mr. L.A. MIller, during the turn of the 20th century.


Our acquisition of these historic documents stems from the thoughtfulness and generosity of two men from the state of Colorado.


  • On April 30, 2013, we received 27 diaries from Mr. Loyd Mowery of Woodland Park, Colorado.


  • On February 23, 2018, we received four more L.A. Miller diaries from Mr. Roy Yeomans of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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The following content summarizes how the Miller diaries traveled from the two donors in Colorado back to Darrtown. It appears in two sections:

The Mowery Donation

The Yeomans Donation

BELOW:  Mr. Loyd Mowery was true to his word. As promised, he mailed the collection of L. A. Miller diaries - from Colorado to Ohio. And, he did so, at his expense! The box was delivered by the U. S. Mail service.

BELOW: This is a view of the diaries, still in the box. There are 26 diaries - one for each year from 1910 through 1937 (unfortunately, the 1912 diary was missing).

RIGHT: This is a view of the 26 diaries in chronological order. Most of the diaries are three inches wide by six inches tall.

Buyer Statement included as proof of purchase


The following "Buyer Statement" was included inside the box that contained the L. A. Miller diaries. This February 26, 2011 document, issued by the Gorman Auctions, LLC of Manitou Springs, Colorado, confirms that a quantity of three Trays Diaries sold for $25 each. The purchase cost, including taxes and a buyer's fee, was $89.76.

Entry No. 1


RIGHT: This is the first entry for the first day in the first diary in the L. A. Miller collection.


This entry, on January 1, 1910, is typical of the entries recorded by Mr. L. A. Miller - every day, every year - from 1910 through 1937 - in this collection of diaries.


At the top of each page, Mr. Miller routinely recorded the temperature three times per day. Hence, the temperature on January 1, 1910 in Darrtown, Ohio ranged from six degrees to a high of 18 degrees to a night-time low of 10 degrees.


Mr. Miller then recorded his activities for the day and often noted news for the local area and beyond - frequently commenting on national and world affairs.


On this day, Mr. Miller wrote, "At home all day. I did not go to Hamilton today, it being a holiday. We had a few New Year calls and made some about town. New Year, I salute you. You will be what we make of you - largely Prosperity to some, Adversity to others."

L. A. Miller diary confirms newspaper account of legendary 1920 Darrtown baseball game


From newspaper accounts and local folklore, Darrtown has long been believed to be a bastion of good, old "country baseball." The success and notoriety of Darrtown's native son, Walter "Smokey" Alston, is one example.


The famous 1920 baseball game played on Darrtown's field, south of town, stands out as the most memorable game played by the Darrtown boys. The story of this game, which featured two professional baseball pitchers, made the newspaper; see the story, with a photograph of the players, at "1920 Baseball" at: Events / Miscellaneous / Sports.


A perusal of Mr. Miller's diaries reveals numerous references to baseball games played by "the home team." Mr. Miller regularly reports scores of games played against other small Butler County villages, such as Jacksonburg, Shandon, and Somerville. Occasionally, there are reports of playing teams from the larger city of Hamilton (Ohio).

The Mowery Donation arrived April 30, 2013

What was a diary to L. A. Miller?


Mr. L. A. Miller offered the following thoughts regarding the keeping of a diary:


"A diary is a record. If to be handed down to coming generations, it should not contain any personal matter that may offend or in any way leave a blot in the ancestors or of the writer's relatives or of the Writer and his relations - A destruction of the Diary, might follow."

Who Was L. A. Miller?


The front section of each Miller diary contained space for personal data. In the 1910 diary, Mr. Miller listed the following about himself:

  • Name: L. A. Miller
  • Address: R. R. #2 Oxford, Ohio
  • Home Phone No. 31
  •  Emergency Contact: Eva M. Miller
  • Weight: 170 - 185 lbs.
  •  Height: 6 ft. 2 in.
  • Hat size: 7 3/8 in.
  • Collar: 15 1/2
  • Shoes: 9 1/2

Who Was Arnold Miller?


In his diaries, Mr. L. A. Miller frequently refers to "Arnold," as someone who assists him. From the following entries in his 1915 diary, we can deduce that "Arnold" was his only son, Ernest. See:

April 9, 1915 ~ "Ernest should be at home with us. He is our only son living."

July 16, 1915 ~ "Arnold Miller, my son."

More background on the Miller diaries...

Indeed it does!

Upon searching the pages of Mr. Miller's 1920 diary, a reference to the memorable ball game appears for Sunday, October 17, 1920.


This is a significant discovery, as Mr. Miller's record provides more information about the memorable game than does the newspaper account that appears at: Events / Miscellaneous / Sports.


Mr. Miller's journal entry tells us:

  • The exact date of the game (October 17, 1920).
  • The weather ("fair to cloudy"), with morning, mid-day, and evening temperatures of 65-80-70 degrees.
  • The number of paid admissions (3,000).
  • The final score (1-0, in Darrtown's favor; heretofore, the final score was reported to be either 2-1 or 1-0).


As shown in the following image, Mr. Miller's handwritten notes for October 17, 1920 read as follows:


"Warm, dusty, and dirty. Mr. Laughton & family visited with us today. We all attended the ball game. Hoovens vs. Darrtown. Score 0 to 1. Hod Eller pitched for Darrtown. Root for the Hoovens. The teams were very evenly matched. 3,000 people witnessed the game. Over 2,200 pd admissions, children free. 0 - 1 favor of Darrtown."

Clarification Note: When Mr. Miller wrote the phrase, "Root for the Hoovens," he was not acting as a cheerleader. He was reporting that Charlie Root was the pitcher for the Hoovens team.

The following image illustrates how 27 of the L. A. Miller diaries

traveled from Darrtown to Colorado and back to Darrtown.

Does Mr. Miller's diary include any record of the storied 1920 Darrtown baseball game, in which Hod Eller, of the Cincinnati Reds, pitched for Darrtown and Charlie Root, of the Chicago Cubs, pitched for the Hamilton Hoovens?

The Mowery Donation

The Yeoman Donation

The following image illustrates how four of the L. A. Miller diaries

were acquired from Mr. Roy Yeomans and returned to Darrtown.

The Yeomans Donation arrived February 23, 2018

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