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SOCIAL 1: Milford Twp. Council #1 and the Milford Twp. Discussion Group

SOCIAL 2: Cornett Band and Brincefield Quartet

SOCIAL 3: The K. U. W. L. Club / Tallawanda Progressive Club

SOCIAL 4: The  Pals and/or Priscilla Club

SOCIAL 5: The Tallawanda Garden Club

SOCIAL 6: The Darrtown Knights of Pythias Lodge

SOCIAL 7: The Darrtown Odd Fellows Society

The social organizations that are available from the links listed above are not presented as an all-inclusive list of Darrtown social organizations. As memories provide and/or as ongoing research efforts reveal, content and details will be added and/or updated. If you can provide additional content or if you help make any of the current information more accurate, please contact the Darrtown webmaster.


Knights of Pythias


According to the Knights of Pythias website, the Order of Knights of Pythias is an international, non-sectarian fraternal order, established in 1864 in Washington, DC, by Justus H. Rathbone and was the first fraternal order to be chartered by an Act of Congress. Domains of the Order exist in most states and provinces, and subordinate lodges are located in many cities and towns across the United States and Canada.

Preamble to Charter of the Knights of Pythias ~ Darrtown, Ohio

According to a ledger possessed by Paul L. "Pete" Jewell, it seems likely that the Knights of Pythias Lodge No. 578 of Darrtown Ohio was established in 1892, when the charter members were admitted to the lodge.

The first page of the Darrtown K. of P. ledger

(reproduced in the image at the right) includes

a preamble

regarding the "Signatures to Constitution."

The language of the preamble

reads as follows:


"Bonhomie Lodge No. 578 City of Darrtown State of Ohio


We, whose names are hereunto subscribed agree to yield obedience to the By-Laws of the Subordinate Lodge of which we may become members, and to abide by the Constitution, Laws,and Edicts of the Grand Lodge under which the same shall be holden, as they now are or may be hereafter legally amended."

UPDATE / FEBRUARY 15, 2018: The following information, about the origin of the Darrtown K of P lodge, was found during a review of the L.A. Miller 1932 diary:

"January 30: This p.m., I went to Bethany [Ohio] to attend P. C. Convention, K of P. A good attendance. I met some old friends and some of my former scholars, when a teacher at Bethany, 1887 and 1888.

  • I received the first and second degree, K of P, at Alexis 202, Bethany, Ohio, April 19, 1890.
  • My third degree, May 24, 1890.
  • Withdrew card from Alexis K of P Lodge, Bethany, Ohio.
  • Organized Bonhomie 578; instituted May 13, 1892."

Webmaster Notes: From the Miller diaires, we know that Mr. L.A. Miller grew up in the Bethany, Ohio area.


Bonhomie 578 was the name and number of the Darrtown K of P Lodge.


Seemingly, Mr. Miller's claim to have "organized" the lodge is corroborated by the fact that he is the first member listed on the membership roster (below).

Signatures of Members


Thanks to Pete Jewell's willingness to share the lodge ledger, we can offer the following five images, which depict the hand-written records of the Darrtown K. of P. Lodge. Note that the handwriting varies in these reproduced records, which suggests that POSSIBLY, these are the actual signatures of the lodge members.


If you have a Darrtown connection, this list of names may be a trip down "memory lane."


To see a typed list of these names, see the section that follows the five images of signatures.

Typed List of Lodge Members


The handwritten list of lodge members (above) has been reproduced as a written list (below). The typed list contains the same names as handwritten list above.


The numerals on the list are the ages of the members. Question marks indicate that the handwriting was illegible on the handwritten list.


Two items of note:


(1) The name "G. W. Owen" appears on line 5 of the typed list. In the original ledger, the name "Washington Owen" was entered and then crossed out. Both entries listed the individual as 27 years of age. It seems likely that "G. W. Owen" was actually "G. Washington Owen."

(2) The name "John Darr" appears on line 14. John "Johnnie" Darr was the last known descendant of the original Darr family to live in Darrtown.

As noted above, we are indebted to Paul L. "Pete" Jewell for sharing the Darrtown K. of P. Lodge ledger, which provides a glimpse into the life and times of Darrtown-related persons and organizations, for the time period of 1892 to 1941. This is another example of how items possessed by a few can be enjoyed by many - when shared electronically.

Fillager Family Artifacts add to K of P Lodge History


While attending the April 21, 2012, Darrtown "Gathering," Harry and Susan Fillager contributed the following items, which relate to the history of the Darrtown K. of P. Lodge.


Time-Worn Envelope Holds Historic Items


The envelope shown in the image at the right contained the two items shown below.


Instructions on the front of the Whitehead and Hoag Co. envelope advised that:


"If you want to keep your badge in good order, keep it on the card board and in this envelope."

The condition of the two items (the badge above and the ribbon at the right) that were found in the envelope, suggests that the instructions for keeping the badge in "good order" were correct.


ABOVE: The metal-backed badge is approximately two inches in diameter.



RIGHT: The ribbon is approximately seven inches long and two and one-half inches wide.

Darrtown K. of P. Lodge Stationery Found!

Kirk Mee III shared these examples of stationery used by the Darrtown K. of P. Lodge.


RIGHT: This is the "return address" that appeared on a K. of P. envelope.


BELOW: This is the letterhead that appeared at the top of a sheet of lodge stationery.

RIGHT: The former Knights of Pythias Hall in Darrtown ... in the latter part of the 20th century ... after it had been used as the Medallion restaurant and then converted to living quarters.

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