SOCIAL 1: Milford Twp. Council #1 and the Milford Twp. Discussion Group

SOCIAL 2: Cornett Band and Brencefield Quartet

SOCIAL 3: The K. U. W. L. Club / Tallawanda Progressive Club

SOCIAL 4: The  Pals and/or Priscilla Club

SOCIAL 5: The Tallawanda Garden Club

SOCIAL 6: The Darrtown Knights of Pythias Lodge

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1894 Darrtown

Cornett Band


(RIGHT) This image of the Darrtown Cornett Band and the accompanying caption appeared in an undated and unnamed newspaper article contributed by Dale Bufler.


"Before the turn of the century, there were several community bands in Butler County, including the Darrtown Cornet Band, organized in 1894.


Seated: George Bowman, Jr., John Darr, Ed Phillip, George Geisler, and Charlie Hinkle.

Standing: George Bowman Sr., Dr. Shaffer, Ben Bufler, Joseph Bufler Sr., leader of the band, John Kolb, Peter Leibrich, Frank Bufler, Jr., and Orla Shaffer."

The Darrtown

Cornet Band

(circa 1890's)


(LEFT) This undated image was contributed by Kay Weiss in July 2012.


Kay's email included this statement: "...the only identification I have: "Grandpa" (George Washington Bowman, 1836-1908) at the bass drum; "Dad" (George Washington Bowman, 1872-1931) with the snare drum."


If you can identify any of the band members, please contact the webmaster.

The Cheesy Brencefield Quartet

RIGHT: From hand-written notes on a photo contributed by Fran Weiss, we believe the men are (from left to lower right): Frank Bufler, Ben Bufler, Rebe (or Kebe - sp.?) Folmer, and Cheesy Brencefield.

RIGHT: This photo shows Cheesy Brencefield as a young man.


(Photo contributed by Fran Weiss)

ABOVE: The Brencefield home appears in the center of this photo.


Dale Bufler has memories of the Brencefield house, which, as seen in this image, was located directly across Main Street from the Hitching Post. Today (2008) this location is a vacant lot. In the 1950's, the Butterfield family lived in this house.


Bill Weiss provided this photo, which was taken by his father, Paul, in the 1950's.

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