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Service 1: The Darrtown Stock Protection Company

Service 2: Ground Observer Corps

Service 3: The Milford Township Fire Department and

the Milford Township website

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The Milford Township Fire Department and the Milford Township website

Milford Township Fire Department

This 1949 Luther McVicker letter regarding telephone service documents the

absence of a fire station

in Darrtown

Text of McVicker letter to the Ohio Public Utilities


"December 19, 1949



Department of Public Utilities

Columbus, Ohio


Dear Sir:


May I have your attention on a matter of importance to the communities in Milford Township with regard to fire protection. We have recently set up a plan for fire fighting equipment to be stationed in Collinsville for the protection of that town as well as Darrtown and the area between.


Unfortunately, we have very poor telephone service, and to make our fire protection effective, we need a direct line that can be made available at all times. Can you make this possible, or advise me as to the best way of securing this service?


We are not far from the Bell Telephone system and should like to procure their services if at all possible. We are counting on your assistance in getting telephone service so greatly needed.


I shall appreciate an early reply from you. We feel that this is a matter of immediate importance to our community, and will be grateful for any assistance you can give us.


Very sincerely yours,


Luther S. McVicker

Chairman, Planning Committee"

According to the letter that is displayed in the image at the right, on December 19, 1949, Luther McVicker, "Chairman of the Planning Committee" contacted the Ohio Department of Public Utilities regarding the need for Darrtown to have "direct line" telephone service between Collinsville and Darrtown, so that Darrtown could be better served by the fire fighting equipment that was stationed in Collinsville.


The letter, which Is a carbon copy of the original, was found among numerous records that Luther McVicker kept in his Darrtown service station.


Rick Martin deserves credit for finding and preserving Luther's records, when Luther's garage was being abandoned.


The text of the letter is reproduced below.

Early History

Webmaster Notes: Luther's words (in the first paragraph); "We have recently set up a plan for fire fighting equipment to be stationed in Collinsville" suggest that neither Collinsville or Darrtown had fire fighting capabilities in December 1949. Luther's words (in the second paragraph); "we need a direct line that can be made available at all times" may have been a reference to the "party lines" that were common to telephone service in Darrtown during the late 1940s and early 1950s.



Milford Township

Fire Department

Darrtown Station

Under Construction


Bill Weiss contributed this October 1963 photo.

1969 - November

ABOVE: This photo appeared in the November 13, 1969 Oxford Press (page 4/section 3) with the following caption:




Shown above are members of Milford Township Fire Units One and Two, who recently completed 36 hours of special fire-fighting and life-saving training. The men took the course, two nights per week for 18 weeks. They include, left to right, seated, Faires Witt; William Taylor, Chief of the Milford Township units; Joe Postlewaite; John Smith, Gene Blakley; William Coombs; and Warren Hansel. Standing are Clyde Geisler; Al Menke; Richard Coombs, Tim Brunner; Larry Geisler; William Long; Clarence Crain, of Dayton, Instructor for the course; John Witt; Steve Menke; Emerson Fall; Dave Beltz; and Chris Haehnle. Carl Vogel was missing, when the photo was taken."




Milford Township

Fire Department


Darrtown Station


Circa 2010

Milford Township Website

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