"History never looks like history,

when you are living through it."

John W. Gardner (1933-1982)

If you doubt that Darrtown, Ohio is the only Darrtown in the world, try this simple experiment:


Type "Darrtown" into an Internet search engine and see how many other "Darrtowns"  are reported.


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Early History - The first half-century of Darrtown history.

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Railroad plans verified - Proof that a railroad was planned

German heritage - Achtung! Sprechen sie Deutsch?

Unwritten history - Rectifying an overlooked story

The Unknowns - Answers needed!

Darrtown doctors - Who were Darrtown's physicians?

Lanes Mill - One of Darrtown's earliest businesses

Four Mile Valley Railroad - Plans and route revealed

Darrtown Family Tree - Darrtown's pioneer families listed

Murder-1865 - Murder times two

Murder-1884 - "Where's your mother, George?"

Bus Line - "Next stop...Darrtown!"

Darrtown is located mid-way between Cincinnati and Dayton (Ohio) and Richmond (Indiana).

It is approximately 35 miles from Darrtown

to each of the three cities.

Darrtown is situated in the

south-central part of Milford Township,

which is one of 13 townships

in Butler County, Ohio.

The county seat, Hamilton, is located

about eight miles southeast of Darrtown.

1814 Plat of Darrtown


The following image shows the original plat of Darrtown, as filed, in the Butler County Court House, by Conrad Darr, on April 4, 1814. Darrtown native, Marvin Russell, found this plat among the records at the Butler County Register's Office and contributed this copy to Darrtown.com.


1836 Map of Milford Township (LINK)


James McBride initiated the work that produced the 1836 map of Milford Township. McBride's map is sponsored on the Internet by roots web.ancestry.com.

  1. Click the following link.
  2. When the site opens, locate Milford Township.
  3. Choose to view either the northern or southern section of the township.


See: http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~ohbutler/mcbrides1836.html

You may adjust the font size of any web page, by holding down your "Control" or "Command" key and simultaneously clicking the plus key (to increase the font size) or the minus key (to decrease the font size).

1855 Map of Milford Township (LINK)

Click the following link to access multiple images of an 1855 map of Milford Township, Butler County, Ohio.


This particular map is significant to the history of Darrtown, because it shows a route for the proposed Four Mile Valley Railroad. As of March 2018, this is the first revelation as to the intended route of the railroad - as it was envisioned to extend from Hamilton to Oxford and beyond.


See: 1855 Milford Township map.

1868 Map of Darrtown



This 1868 map of Darrtown was contributed to this website by Valerie Elliott, the Smith History Library Manager, at the Lane Library in Oxford, Ohio, in September 2012.


Valerie verified that this map as an authentic 1868 document.

This is the oldest Darrtown map in our collection that displays names of property owners.


When Conrad Darr designed the village, in 1814, he created 128 lots.


In 1868, three years after the end of the Civil War, 39 (or 30%) of the 128 lots were deeded to property owners.

An enlarged version of the 1868 map is provided below.













1868 Darrtown Property Owners - by Lot Number



4 - (three structures - north to south) W Sh, B Sh, and H Sh

5 - Mrs. N. Stephens

12 - J. McMechan (J. McMechan is listed as one of Darrtown's postmasters; see Events / page 10.)

13 - J. Young

20 - (one structure on southern half) I. Teckman

21 - (two structures - north to south) C. Smith and Mrs. McMechan

22 - Mrs. Decker

28 - F. P. Fowler listed as owner; Mrs. Pierson listed for the structure on Main Street.

29 - (three structures - two, north to south on Main Street and one at rear of southern half) S. Kindell in northern half, on Main Street; unidentified owner in southern half, on Main Street, and Dr. J. P. Carnahan at rear of southern half.

30 - School

37 - U. Culp

36 - M. Reeb (with note of "store")

37 - (two structures - north to south) Dr. J. P. Carnahan in northern structure; unidentified in southern structure.

45 - "Hrs" (House?) of Mrs. Bowman. (This structure is on the site that became the location of the Darrtown skating rink, the Francis filling station, and the Dees Grocery Store and Filling Station.)

52 - (three structures - north to south) P. Winston listed for two structures in the northern half (the northern most is identified as a "store") and Dr. J. McMechan is listed for the single structure in the southern half. (This lot, in 2012 is home to Don's Carryout and the Hitching Post tavern. Also, J. McMechan is listed as an owner of the Hitching Post and the original Darrtown postmaster.)

53 - Mrs. N. Davis (This structure became the home of "Cheesy" Brincefield in the 1930's and the Butterfield family in the 1950's. William J. Brincefield is listed as one of Darrtown's postmasters; see Events / page 10.)

59 - Mrs. Barnum

66 - Mrs. Hinsey

69 - Mrs. F. McCormick (This structure was located immediately east of where the MIlford Township Fire Department building stands in 2018.)

70 - Mrs. Brown

76 - J. D. Chooch (This name may be misspelled; the "Cooch" family name appears in records of Darrtown's past.)

77 - "Hrs" (house?) of W. Kirkpatrick (This structure is noted as one of several taverns in existence, during Darrtown's early years.)

84 - Scofield

85 - W. Davis (This was the location of Luther McVicker's garage during the 20th century.)

90 - "Ch" (Question; might this be an abbreviation for the word "church"? This site is the location of a former, brick school building that was converted to a residence in the 20th century.)

91 - W. Smith

92 - W. C. Hanby

98 - J. Irwin

99 - D. Lawther

100 - Mrs. A. Reese

101 - F. Shields

102 - G. Gowgle

104 - C. Netron

108 - F. Bufler (In 2015, this structure remains in the hands of the Bufler family.)

116 - W. Smith

117 - J. Manrod (designated for the northern half of this lot; there is no structure designated for souther half).

123 - J. Carl

125 - P. C. Wyclcitt OR Wyckitt (The spelling is unclear; might it be "Wyckoff" - which is a name that is part of Darrtown's past.)

126 - (two structures - west to east) F. McMechan is listed for the western structure and E. Shields is listed for the eastern structure.




There are several "outlying" lots on the west and east sides of the village (the east side is not visible in this map); on the west side, progressing from north to south, the owners are: No. 1, 2, and 3 - J. Irwin; No. 4 is T. Flanigan.


East of Main Street, on the north side of North Street, there is a four acre plot with two structures designated: "S. Sh." is listed for the north structure; "H. Darr" is listed for the south structure. Presumably, "H. Darr" is Hiram Darr and this property was eventually deeded to Johnny Darr, the last known Darr family member to live in Darrtown. This property became the site of the Harry Teckman home during the middle of the 20th century.


The numerals that appear in the yellow boxes on the map (above)

correspond to the numerals in the following list.

1875 Map of Milford Township

Marvin Russell contributed the following 1875 map of Milford Township, in December, 2018.

You may adjust the font size of any web page, by holding down your "Control" or "Command" key and simultaneously clicking the plus key (to increase the font size) or the minus key (to decrease the font size).

1914 Map of Milford Township (LINK)



The following link, sponsored by historicmaps.com, provides a map of Milford Township in the year 1914. The map includes zoom and drag features.


See: http://www.historicmapworks.com/Map/US/46696/Milford+Township/Butler+County+1914/Ohio/

1914 Map of Darrtown

BELOW: These images display a 1914 atlas that Mr. Albert Lindley purchased at a Hamilton, Ohio garage sale in the 1980's. The atlas measures approximately 18 inches wide by 21 inches long.

BELOW: This is an image of the map of Darrtown, as it appears on page 60, in the 1914 atlas.

BELOW: This is an enlarged view of the 1914 map of Darrtown.

The bracketed numerals that appear on this map correlate to the list of notes, below the map.

Webmaster Note: The following enumerated items correlate with the bracketed numerals that appear on the map above.


[1] This Hiram Darr property is the (probable) site of John Darr's home and the land that Harry Teckman purchased for the construction of his home.

[2] Walnut Street / [3] Main Street / [4] Cherry Street / [5] East Street (not labeled on original map).

[6] Site of Darrtown's Town Hall (lot #31). The town hall is referenced in the 1826-27 section of Darrtown's historic time line.

[7] Site of the Knights of Pythias Hall.

[8] Site of Kyger's race track.

[9] Site of L. A. Miller home, which became the location of the Darrtown Telephone Company.

[10] & [11] The southern and western section lines of Milford Township Section #28 intersect at this point.

[12] Site of Milford Township High School; also known as Darrtown High School (later the home of the Fisherman's Press and (in 2012, the site of the Darrtown Baptist church.

[13] Site of Methodist church

[14] Site of Edot Park

[15] Site of Lutheran church

1955 Map of Darrtown area farmers


The image below identifies Darrtown-area farmers in 1955. More information about many of these farmers is available at the "Individuals" link/page.


The two images below show the front cover (left) and the back cover (right) of a 1955 Butler County Farm and Business Directory. The directory was the property of Albert Lindley.


Notice the phone numbers of the various businesses in 1955; all are comprised of only five digits.


1955 businesses that sponsored the Directory included: Rigling's Heating and Air Conditioning, Hamilton; Asbury Realty, in the First National Bank Building, Hamilton; McCoy-Leffler Funeral Home, Broad at First St., Middletown; Hamilton Lumber, 940 Central Ave., Hamilton; Butler County Farm Bureau Co-Op, 365 South "C" St. , Hamilton (with branches in Seven Mile, Hughes Station, and McGonigle; McCarty Pontiac, in Middletown; Nein Realty Company, 507 First National Bank Bldg. in Middletown; Herber-Jones Cadillac & Oldsmobile, 440 N. Verity Parkway, Middletown; Valley Mortgage, 16 N. Clinton, Middletown; Foley Radio and Television, 735 S. Erie Ave., Hamilton, Schramm Funeral Home in Middletown, Miami Cement Products, Ritter St., Seven Mile; Home Federal Savings and Loan, corner of Third & Court Sts.; Long & Meyers Insurance, 1345 Central Ave., Middletown office (next to the Strand Theatre); Wayside Service, corner of State and Miami Streets in Trenton; Trenton Coal and Coke, 42 Potter Street, Trenton; Kennedy-Dare Realty Company, 152 HIgh St., Hamilton; and the Butler County Lumber Company, 961 Main St., Hamilton.


A list of MIlford Township residents from the year 1955 appears below. The information was taken from the Butler County Farm and Business Directory that is featured above. The following, alphabetical list is organized by the names of the roads where the residents lived.


Bauer Road (East from Hamilton Eaton Road [Old Rt. 127] to State Road: Farley, W. / Rich, W. / Thomas, J. F. / Hall, O. / Haines, Melinda / Frances, C. / Van DeGriff, G. C. / Davis, J. M. / Brannon, H. / Carpenter, R. / Brannon, H. / Shepherd, T. / Abrams, L. S. / Abrams, D. / Whaley, W. / STATE ROAD RUNS NORTH AND SOUTH.


Darrtown Road (West from Darrtown and south to Hanover Township Line): Popst, H. L. / Carroll, H. / Rose, E. / Gilley, C. / Williams, L. C. / Lane west / Green, Ned / Ward, G. / HANOVER TOWNSHIP LINE


Depot Road (West from Wayne-Milford Road to dead end): Russell, P. / Blakley, P. W. / Ross, E. (Smith, W.) / DEAD END.


Earhart Road (West from Hamilton Richmond Road [Rt. 177] to Oxford-Milford Road): Falk, W.


Eaton Road (North from West Taylor School Road to Hamilton-Eaton Road [Old Rt. 127]): Kehr, F. W. (Vogel, Elizabeth) / Hughs, A. / Lagedrost, C. / Jerold, A. L. / Schuster, A. / Smith, M. / Bufler, L. B. / Wilson, E. K. / Bowman, R. / Brown, G. R. (Bramlage, Catherine) / Brown, G. R. / Ledwell, W. F. (Bowman, G. F.) / Cramer, J. / HAMILTON-EATON ROAD RUNS NORTH AND SOUTH.


Frazee Road (West from Somerville to Oren Road): Peck, C. / Ross, N. / Sims, E. / Staley, D. / Shutte, H. / Johnson, L. / Evans, W. / Burns, E. C. / Farmer, J. / Warner, L. H. / Smith, E. / OREN ROAD RUNS NORTH AND SOUTH.


Hamilton-Eaton Road [Old Rt. 127] (North from Wayne Milford Road to Somerville): Petry, L. / Superior Feed Mill / Schollenbarger, J. E. / VILLAGE OF COLLINSVILLE / Harris, S. / Cottonwood Picnic Grocery / Cottonwood Garage / Richter, C. T. / Bowers, W. / Bowers, L. C. / DeNeene, J. / OXFORD MIDDLETOWN ROAD BEGINS WEST / Blakely, E. R. / Blakely, R. W. / Finlay, Nora / Finlay, H. / Vacant Building (Finlay, Nora) / Bundy, P. / Ledford, A. Jr. / Marcum, C. / Byrge, W. / Shearer, R. / Flaherty, J. / McHargue, C. / SOMERVILLE ROAD BEGINS WEST / Crutcher, C. / BAUER ROAD BEGINS EAST / Eiler, Roy / Withrow, E. / Mondello, J. / Roll, Marion / VILLAGE OF SOMERVILLE.


Hamilton-Richmond Road (North from Rt. 73 to the Preble County Line): Hansel, Warren / Smith, John / Geiser, Lawrence / Kirkpatrick, H. / Kramer, F. / Pfaff, Clem / Geraci, V. / HARRIS ROAD CROSSES / Krebs, Charles / Conrad, E. / Gray, H. / Francis, G. / Gray, R. / McMillian, P. R. & Kennedy, Myrtle & Kennedy, R. / SOMERVILLE ROAD CROSSES / three vacant buildings: Keller / Wert, J. C. / Ferris, J. S. / Sebald, C. W. / OREN RD. BEGINS NORTH / Beiser, C. / EARHART ROAD BEGINS WEST / Thomas, W. / Von Dron, E. / PREBLE COUNTY LINE.


Hamilton-Richmond Road (South from Darrtown to Hanover Township Line): Lane west at State of Ohio Roadside Park (south of Four Mile Creek) Proffitt, R.; Dees B.; Dunniba, C.; Dees B.; Mullins, M.; Robinette, D.; Badger, Eldie; and Ross, E. / Menke, E. / Stang, Earl / Reiff, Ray / Lindley, Al / Glarden, Ernie / HANOVER TOWNSHIP LINE.


Harris Road (East from Rt. 177 to Hamilton-Eaton Road [old Rt. 127]): Phillips, J. C. / Hensley, T. / Yauger, Roy / Harden, H. / Gabbard, E. B. / Richardson, L. J. / Taylor, Nellie / Benge, W. R. / vacant house (Nellie Burge) / Burge, L. W. / Anthony, N. / Hoffman, E. / Wagonfield, G. W. / Wright, H. / Taylor, W. K. / Huffman, R. / Unzicker, Emerson / OLD ROUTE 127.


Harris Road (West from Rt. 177 to Oxford Milford Road: Gaiser, L. J. / Heinlein, F. / Carter, C. / Carter, W. / Boyle, C. / Laughlin, H. / OXFORD MILFORD ROAD RUNS NORTH AND SOUTH.


Huston Road (South from Collinsville to Milford Township Line): Schwab, J. H. / Gillespie, Clarence / Hoffman, W. / SCOTT ROAD BEGINS WEST / Prescott, E. H. / Marsh, J. H. / Brown, R. J. / Wyatt, C. E. / WEST TAYLOR SCHOOL ROAD CROSSES.


Oren Road (North from Hamilton-Richmond Road [Rt. 177] to Preble County Line): Keller, C. C. / FRAZEE ROAD BEGINS EAST / Snavely, E. / Reichel, W. / Vacant house (Snavely, Edw.) / PREBLE COUNTY LINE.


Oxford Middletown Road-EAST SIDE OF SEVEN MILE CREEK (East from western dead end to Wayne-Milford Road): Wanee, R. A. / Chaney, E. C. / Gerber, P. F. / STATE ROAD CROSSES NORTH AND SOUTH / Moak, C. A. / WAYNE-MILFORD ROAD BEGINS SOUTH.


Oxford Middletown Road-WEST SIDE OF SEVEN MILE CREEK (East from Rt. 177 to Hamilton-Eaton Road [old Rt. 127]): Clark, D. / Ling, G. C. / Lang, O. / Russell, H. D. / Lintner, Bill / Finlay, J. S. / Bailey, E. / Wirtz, E. / B & O RR CROSSES / Van Osdol, R. / Kelly, O. / OLD ROUTE 127.


Oxford Middletown Road-WEST SIDE OF SEVEN MILE CREEK (West from Rt. 177 to Oxford Milford Rd.): Clark, D. / Hunkler, J. / Tutas, J. / Tharp, R. C. / Bobbit, C. W. / Coy, R. A. / Gault, C. L. / OXFORD MILFORD ROAD RUNS NORTH AND SOUTH.


Oxford Milford Road (North from Trenton-Oxford Road to Earhart Road): Gentry, R. W. / Boesel, M. W. / Smith, J. / HARRIS ROAD BEGINS EAST / Port, J. C. / Fillager, H. F. / Fillager, Tillie / BONHAM ROAD BEGINS WEST / Riley, A. / Rosenbalm, E. E. / Retherford, A. / Peck, Cora / SOMERVILLE ROAD CROSSES EAST AND WEST / Isaacs, L. / Jewell, P. M. / Gurr, W. / Stang, T. Jr. / Stang, T. Sr. / EARHART ROAD BEGINS EAST.


Oxford-Trenton Road [Rt. 73] (East from Rt. 177 to Hamilton-Eaton Road [old Rt. 127] at Collinsville): Hansel, George / Hess, J. L. / Rowekamp, J. J. / Dillon, Lloyd / Godfrey, E. / Napier, R. J. / Bunder, R. H. / Schlabach, E. / Cropenbaker, S. L. / Imhoff, Roy / Meehling, R. / Tuggle, W. G. / Collinsville Cemetery / HUSTON RD. CROSSES / Hively, Louella / Holmes, J. / Snider, E. / vacant house (new) Elwell / Bising, A. / Truster, E. A. / OLD ROUTE 127.


Oxford-Trenton Road [Rt. 73] (West from Rt. 177 to Oxford Township Line): Davis, Nellie / Cory, F. B. / Cory, F. M. / Werner, G. W. / Sponsel, Minnie F. / Powell, A. F. / Middaugh, J. / Thompson, E. T. / Brown, J. E.; Lester, Patricia; Brown, C. D. / Bishop F. / Couiter, R. E. / Rhodus, E. C. / Vogel, J. R. / SCHOLLENBARGER RD. BEGINS SOUTH / Funk, C. / OXFORD-MILFORD ROAD BEGINS NORTH.


Scott Road (East from Darrtown to Huston Rd): Bauman, F. / Vacant House (Bauman) / McVicker, L. / McVicker, C. D. / Wills, Granville / Witherby, Charles / Bradbury, Harry / Willer, R. / Ferst, Lucile / Bradbury, John / Erbeck, E. J. / Quick, J. W. / Phares, Cecil / Harris, Dwight / Alford, Don / Lane south; Anderson, Grace; Hess, M. / Alford, Alvin / Montague, L. F. / HUSTON ROAD RUNS NORTH AND SOUTH.


Somerville Road (East from Rt. 177 to Hamilton-Eaton Road [old Rt. 127]): Hurley, Bessie / Hurley, V. / Thompson, T. / Heinlein, P. / Grewe, J. / BAKER RD. BEGINS NORTH / Harbaum, H. / Campbell, H. / NEANOVER RD. BEGINS NORTH / Bolser, H. / PENN RR CROSSES / Blossom, G. / Sizemore, P. / OLD ROUTE 127.


Somerville Road (West from Rt. 177 to Oxford Milford Rd.): Burns, W. E. / Keller, G. / Hill, H. T. / Ramsey, A. L. / Burns, J. E. / Alford, A.


State Road (North from Hamilton Eaton Road [Old Rt. 127] to dead end): B&O RR CROSSES / Williamson, C. F. / Brown, G. R. / Beiser, W. F. / Gerber, J. A. Jr. (Harden, Loree) / Steele, N. P. / EAST OXFORD MIDDLETOWN ROAD CROSSES / Graf, A. / Walther, C. Jr. / Coombs, S. A. / BAUER ROAD BEGINS WEST / Christopher, V. J. / SOMERVILLE JACKSONBURG ROAD [RT. 744] CROSSES / Barton, R. L. / Roesel, H. / Brady, A. H. / UNDEVELOPED ROAD FOR APPROXIMATELY 1/4 MILE TO PREBLE COUNTY LINE.


Wayne-Milford Road (North from Hamilton-Eaton Road [Old Rt. 127] to Oxford-Middletown Road-EAST): Smith, S. C. (Rawlins, F.) / DEPOT BEGINS WEST / Sollenberger, H. N. / TOLBERT ROAD BEGINS EAST / Mann, E. D. / Lane to the west / McWhorter, L. (Edwards, E.) / Lane to the west / Pratt, C. T. (Winkler, A.; Abrams, Irene) / Fields, E. / Hardy, T. / Baker, F. A. / Travillian, G. L. / Vacant trailer (Elliots) / Vacant house (Mirda) / Gregory, J. M. / Stock, E. / OXFORD-MIDDLETOWN ROAD (EAST) BEGINS WEST


Map of historical sites in and around Darrtown

If you know of historical sites in the Darrtown area that deserve to be added to the following illustration - or if you have information that is more accurate than that which is shown in the image below - please contact the Webmaster.

Roadside Rest Area Remembered

During the middle decades of the 20th century, the Ohio Department of Transportation maintained a roadside rest area south of Darrtown on the west side of State Route 177. The diagram at the right depicts the layout of the park, as remembered from many years ago. The view is looking from south to north.


The entrance to the rest area was located immediately south of the Four Mile Creek bridge. Denny Robinette's residence, which is described in Harlan Miller's recollections, was accessed by driving through the parking lot and proceeding west about 100 yards down a private lane.


The manual water pump in the rest area was the kind that would deliver water a few moments after one stopped pumping the handle, thus an individual could secure drinking water, without the help of another person.


NOTE: For reasons that we have not yet determined, the diagram at the right might NOT visible to persons using Internet Explorer. It can be seen in Firefox and Safari.

Location of Kyger Race Track Verified

Darrtown history is intertwined with the history of the Kyger family, which includes the saga of Kit Curry, a famous trotter owned by H.D. Kyger.


Records indicate that H.D. Kyger's property featured a race track. A logical question followed; where was the race track located? An attempt to verify the location of the Kyger race track was undertaken in February 2012, in conjunction with plans to commemorate Darrtown's Bicentennial in 2014.


Research (led by Marvin Russell and detailed below) led to the creation of the following image, which illustrates the location of the Kyger race track. As shown in the following arial shot, this site, on the north side of Scott Road, just east of Darrtown, now (2012) includes homes built on the east side of East Street, Shannon Drive, and Darr Drive.

1914 Map Verifies Location of Kyger's 25 Acre Field

The diagram in the following image confirms that H. D. Kyger owned the 25+ acres on the north side of Scott Road. This is consistent with the statement offered in the "Recollections" of Lawrence Baumann that describes the land in that north field being difficult to plow, because of its earlier use as a race track. Consequently, it follows that this 25-acre field is where H. D. Kyger constructed a race track for trotting horses.


Map source: Historic Map Works.com



Chaw raw hill
davis corner
Lanes Mill

The following link connects to a webpage hosted by the Lane Public Library (Hamilton, Ohio) that provides a list of places in Butler County - many of which are no longer commonly used or known. Mr. Jim Blount, staff writer, is credited for compiling the list.   See the "Butler County Place Names" page at: https://sites.google.com/a/lanepl.org/butler/home

Map of Milford Township school sites

The "schools" section of this website provides information about, and images of, the Darrtown High School, the Collinsville Elementary School, and the Somerville School; see:  Organizations/Schools.


In addition to the three 20th century schools named above, there was a time when there were other, usually one-room, schools, scattered throughout Milford Township.


A 1914 map, found at the historicmaps website, includes the number and location of several Milford Township schools.


FYI: Milford Township is comprised of 36 sections.

The sections are numbered as they appear in the following image;

from top to bottom; right to left and left to right,

beginning with Section 1, in the upper right corner, to Section 36, in lower right corner.


Within the following section map, the sites of former Milford Township schools are indicated by numerals preceded by the # sign.


Currently, seven former school sites have been identified. They include:


  • School No. 1 - in Section 12 (east side of State Road, north of Oxford-Middletown Road)
  • School No. 2 - in Section 4 (north side of Somerville Road, west of Baker Road)
  • School No. 3 - in Section 8 (west of St. Rt. 177, north side of Somerville Road - in or near Jerico)
  • School No. 4 - in Section 30 (west of St. Rt. I77, south side of St. Rt. 73 - set back from road)
  • School No. 7 - in Section 11 in Section 34 (west side of Huston Road, north of Kinsinger Road)
  • School No. 11 - in Section 34 (south side of Scott Road, about 1 and 1/4 miles east of Darrtown)
  • School / No. NOT KNOWN - in Section 22 (south side of Harris Road, about 1 and 1/4 miles east of St. Rt. 177).


Smaller maps, specific to each school site, appear below this Section Map.


Milford Township Section Map -

with school sites

  • School No. 1 - in Section 12 (east side of State Road, north of Oxford-Middletown Road)
  • School No. 2 - in Section 4 (north side of Somerville Road, west of Baker Road)
  • School No. 3 - in Section 8 (west of St. Rt. 177, north side of Somerville Road - in or near Jerico)
  • School No. 4 - in Section 30 (west of St. Rt. I77, south side of St. Rt. 73 - set back from road)
  • School No. 7 - in Section 35 (west side of Huston Road, north of Kinsinger Road)
  • School No. 11 - in Section 34 (south side of Scott Road, about 1 and 1/4 miles east of Darrtown)
  • School / No. NOT KNOWN - in Section 22 (south side of Harris Road, about 1 and 1/4 miles east of St. Rt. 177).

If you know of additional school sites in Milford Township, please notify the Darrtown.com webmaster.

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