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John W. Gardner (1933-1982)

1855 Map of Milford Township

Butler County, Ohio

March, 15, 2018: The following map was found at the Butler County Historical website; see:

WEBMASTER NOTE: Occasionally, Internet links are broken or removed by the host websites. When that happens, valuable content is lost. To guarantee the display of the 1855 map of Milford Township, at this website, the original image (below) was snagged from the host website.

This 1855 map is significant to the history of Darrtown, because it shows a route for the proposed Four Mile Valley Railroad (see the annotated map, below). As of March 2018, this is the first revelation of the intended route of the railroad - as it was envisioned to extend from Hamilton to Oxford and beyond.

The following map was annotated to show various points of interest in Milford Township during the middle of the 19th century. it seems worth noting that this 1855 map was created six years before the U.S. Civil War commenced.


Milford Township is sub-divided by 36 sections, each one mile square. The following image shows how the sections are numbered.


To make it easier to view, the 1855 map is replicated in 12 enlarged images (shown below).

Each image displays three sections of Milford Township.


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