"History never looks like history,

when you are living through it."

John W. Gardner (1933-1982)

As of July 2012, no Darrtown site has attained national recognition for being historically significant.


As noted below, there are several buildings in and around Darrtown that some supporters might consider historic.

Historic Sites

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Darrtown's Hitching Post tavern, which opened for business in 1817, has existed for nearly two centuries. If all goes well, the historic tavern will celebrate its bicentennial year in 2017. Additionally, the Lutheran and Methodist churches have stood for nearly a century and a half. The large residence at the north edge of Darrtown, once owned by Col. Kirk Mee II, dates back to the mid-to-late 1800's (a more complete list of significant Darrtown sites" appears in the Ohio Historic Society section that appears below, right).


Enthusiasts, who believe that some Darrtown properties are as deserving as other Butler County historic sites, may, at some point in the future, mount a campaign to achieve recognition for Darrtown sites. If so, those campaigners may wish to contact programs and/or organizations, such as the following, which are known for assigning historic status:


    National Historic Landmark Program

    National Park Service's HABS, HAER, and HALS programs

    Center for HIstoric Architecture and Design

For the time being, however, the fact remains that, no Darrtown site has yet attained national acclaim.


That being the case, why provide a "Historic Buildings"page at Darrtown.com? Give credit to the following "happenstance" (i.e., lucky) research:


1. While conducting a generic Internet search for Darrtown-related history, several Milford Township sites unexpectedly surfaced as locations that have earned distinction as historic sites.

2. Two significant organizations (the Library of Congress and the Ohio Historic Society) have bestowed recognition on the Darrtown-area sites that are listed below.

U.S. Library of Congress

"Historic Building Survey" files stored in the United States Library of Congress recognize the two following Darrtown-area sites:

    The Charles Krebs' Place

    The Covered Bridge at Collinsville

Information about those two historic sites is provided below.

To replicate the Library of Congress search, execute the following steps:


    Go to the Library of Congress at: http://www.loc.gov/index.html

    Click "Digital Collections"

    Then, click "Prints and photographs"

    Then, click "Historic American Buildings Survey/Historic American Engineering Record/Historic American Landscapes Survey"

    Click Search / Enter "Ohio Butler County"

    Click "Go"

    Click Page 2 / Scroll the list for the Krebs' Place and the Covered Bridge - Collinsville, Ohio

Ohio Historic Society

The Lane Libraries have indexed the following eight Milford Township buildings and sites that the Ohio Historic Society deemed worthy of historical interest.

Click the links below to access PDF files that provide images of, and information about, the following Milford Township sites. Note: when you access these PDF files, you will have the option to "open" or "save" the files. Select "open," if you only want to view the PDF file.

   Cooley House

   Kyger Cabin 1

  Kyger Cabin 2

    Lane/Wallace/Manrod House

   Lane's Mill 1

    Lane's MIll 2

   McVicker House

    Taylor School

Info about the

Library of Congress

"Historic Building Survey"

Historic Buildings Survey

The Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS), Historic American Engineering Record (HAER), and Historic American Landscapes Survey (HALS) are programs of the National Park Service established for the purpose of documenting historic places. Records consist of measured drawings, archival photographs, and written reports. They are currently managed by the office of Heritage Documentation Programs.

The permanent collection of HABS/HAER/HALS is housed at the Library of Congress. As a branch of the U.S. Federal Government, its created works are in the public domain. Many images, drawings, and documents are available at the L.o.C. American Memory project online archive of: proposed, demolished, and existing; structures, locales, projects and designs.

Online Access

The most comprehensive way to search the collection is through the Prints and Photographs Online Catalog (PPOC). PPOC is available in the Prints and Photographs Division Reading Room and from offsite via the Web. HABS/HAER records can be searched along with all other records in PPOC, or they can be searched by themselves, by selecting "Historic American Buildings Survey/Historic American Engineering Record" in the list of available collections. The online records include links to digitized documentation: photographs, drawings, data pages, photo caption pages and, sometimes, supplemental materials. All but the most recent documentation has been digitized and made available on the Web. Since the National Park Service's HABS and HAER programs create new documentation each year, digital images will continue to be added to the online collections. The first phase of digitization of the Historic American Engineering Record collection was made possible by the generous support of the Shell Oil Company Foundation.

Info about the

Ohio Historic Society

"Historic Inventory"

The collection of PDF forms at the Lane Library website is the work of the Ohio Historic Preservation Office of the Ohio Historic Society. Records for buildings and sites of historical interest for Butler County are indexed here. Portable Document Format records are viewable using Adobe Reader.

For more information, please call the Information Services Department at (513) 894-7158 or send email to reference@lanepl.org.

Note: Ohio Historic Inventory forms are provided by the Ohio Historic Preservation Office of the Ohio Historical Society. The records are current through December 31st, 2010. Please identify the Ohio Historic Preservation Office as the data source on any map, image or publication using Ohio Historic Preservation Office data and include on the map, image or publication, the date that data were provided by the Ohio Historic Preservation Office.

Although the Ohio Historic Preservation Office maintains high standards of data quality control, the Ohio Historic Preservation Office makes no warranty that the inventory forms are accurate or complete.

The inventory of historic properties is very dynamic, as new information is acquired daily. For information on OHI forms processed since April 1, please contact the Ohio Historic Preservation Office at 614-298-2000.

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