"History never looks like history,

when you are living through it."

John W. Gardner (1933-1982)

MIssion Statement:

The mission of the Darrtown Family Tree is:

"To provide an interactive format for collecting and sharing the history of families that have a common bond with Darrtown, Ohio."

Darrtown Family Tree

Created in the spring 2012: with a dozen or so families listed, the Darrtown Family tree (as of June 2018) has grown to include the records of nearly 6,600 Darrtown-related individuals.


A family’s inclusion in the Darrtown Family Tree starts with a “Darrtown pioneer” – the first family member to have lived in Darrtown and vicinity. The Darrtown Family Tree is not designed to include family history that occurred prior to the pioneer’s first residency in or near Darrtown.


Links to Darrtown History Pages:


Introduction/overview - Purpose of this history section

Maps - See location of Darrtown & historical maps

Early History - The first half-century of Darrtown history.

Historic Time Line - Associating world and local events

Darrtown Chronology - Darrtown events in timely order

Historic Sites - See location of local historical sites

Folklore, anecdotes and trivia - Stories told thru the ages

Railroad plans verified - Proof that a railroad was planned

German heritage - Achtung! Sprechen sie Deutsch?

Unwritten history - Rectifying an overlooked story

The Unknowns - Answers needed!

Darrtown doctors - Who were Darrtown's physicians?

Lanes Mill - One of Darrtown's earliest businesses

Four Mile Valley Railroad - Plans and route revealed

Darrtown Family Tree - Darrtown's pioneer families listed

Murder-1865 - Murder times two

Murder-1884 - "Where's your mother, George?"

Bus Line - "Next stop...Darrtown!"



As a result of the donations listed in the "Funding" section at the right, the Darrtown Family Tree is alive...and growing!


Created in the spring of 2012, with a dozen or so families, the Darrtown Family Tree includes 5,776 individuals and nearly 700 marriages (as of 5/14/15).


A family's inclusion in the "Darrtown Family Tree" starts with the first family member to have lived in Darrtown and vicinity, since the village was founded, in 1814. Descendants are added from that point forward. The Darrtown Family Tree is not designed to include family history prior to a family's earliest residency in or near Darrtown.




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HOW TO VIEW the Darrtown Family Tree:


Use the Webmaster link at the bottom of this page to request access to the Darrtown Family Tree at Ancestry.com. Upon receiving your request, the webmaster will send you a link that will enable you to access the Darrtown Family Tree and view the information that is currently posted.



HOW TO CONTRIBUTE FAMILY DATA to the Darrtown Family Tree:


You may contribute your family's genealogy to the Darrtown Family Tree, if your family now lives, or previously lived, in or near Darrtown. Use the Webmaster link below, if you want to contribute information about your family.

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To receive a "Descendant Report" for a particular individual or family, use the link below to contact the Darrtown Webmaster.

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