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Darrtown Bus Line
"Okay, folks... next stop... Darrtown!"

Thanks to the L.A. Miller diaries, we have verified that a bus line served Darrtown and vicinity, during the 1920s and 1930s. This page provides information about the bus service. If you have information that supplements and/or further clarifies this story about bus service to Darrtown, please contact the webmaster.

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Bus Line - "Next stop...Darrtown!"

A bus line ran through Darrtown in the late 1920’s and early 1930's.


Local residents could ride the bus north to Richmond, Indiana and south to Hamilton, Ohio…and, make connections to many points beyond.


The existence of this service has been confirmed in diaries maintained by Darrtown resident, Mr. L.A Miller.


Examples of such confirmation are provided below.


The image at the left shows a bus from the era of the 1920's.


At this time, we do not have any  photos of the actual bus line that served Darrtown.



  • Apr. 26: I left for Columbus, O. from Collinsville, O. at 1:45 bus to Eaton, O.
  • June 3: … We made the trip to Columbus, O. with Mr. Shortle, Ben Beckly, Geo. Nichol & Robbins. Got knocked out before the Public U. Comm – on error. But, threw our forces to other parties in a joint suit for a franchise to run a bus from Hamilton, O. to  Oxford, O.
  • Nov. 19: I went to Hamilton on the bus and transacted some business. I got back on the 4:38 PM, in time to do chores.
  • Dec. 17: Grandson and I took bus to Hamilton, O. As soon as a pair of high-top shoes were secured, he was ready to take the next bus back home. I put him on the 12:35 PM.




  • Jan. 14: … I went to Oxford this PM on biz. on bus.
  • Jan. 22: … The men, Arnold Miller, my son, and Pin [?] Long worked all day on line above town… Long was not looking well, but did not complain … He came up on bus and took 8 PM bus for home (Hamilton, O.).
  • Jan. 31: I went to Hamilton on the bus to attend to some business.
  • Feb. 25: … The youngsters got off on the bus for Cinti. O.
  • Mar. 10: I went to Oxford on a biz and shopping trip. Took 11 AM bus.




  • Dec. 9: Our new bus line is operating from Hamilton, O. to Richmond, Ind. Making three (3) round trips each day. It now carries light freight, as well as passengers (light & heavy). Fare from Darrtown to Hamilton 25¢ each way.

At this time (February 2018), we do not know if bus service was available

earlier or later than the time period verified by the L.A. Miller diaries.


Excerpts from Mr. Miller’s diaries may be accessed at: http://www.darrtown.com/people/excerpts.html


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