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Railroad plans verified - Proof that a railroad was planned

German heritage - Achtung! Sprechen sie Deutsch?

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Darrtown doctors - Who were Darrtown's physicians?

Lanes Mill - One of Darrtown's earliest businesses

Four Mile Valley Railroad - Plans and route revealed

Darrtown Family Tree - Darrtown's pioneer families listed

Murder-1865 - Murder times two

Murder-1884 - "Where's your mother, George?"

Bus Line - "Next stop...Darrtown!"

"History never looks like history,

when you are living through it."

John W. Gardner (1933-1982)

Introduction / overview

There is no known official history of Darrtown.


The best that we can do is collect and conserve the physical artifacts (newspaper accounts, diaries, journals photographs, etc.) along with oral stories – told from one generation to the next.


This history section of the provides an unofficial, well-intentioned, collection of such information. Some items in this website conflict with others; such is the lot of those who attempt to capture history. We gather as many pieces of the puzzle as we can; position them to the best of our ability; and, with a bit of luck, a more accurate record of the past gradually evolves.


If you have information that enriches this collection of Darrtown-related history and/or makes it more accurate, please contact the webmaster.

This website has been, and continues to be, enriched by the contributions of many individuals.


The three following resources warrant particular mention for the breath of information they provide for the Darrtown online community.

The Darrtown

Family Tree


The Darrtown community has its own family tree at!


If your family now lives, or formerly lived, in or near Darrtown and you want to learn how your family's history can become part of this interactive project, visit the Darrtown Family Tree page.

The L.A.Miller Diaries


The presence of this resource is a testament to the amazing power of the Internet.


  • In April 2013, Mr. Loyd Mowery of Colorado sent an email to the webmaster and offered to donate a set of diaries written by long-time Darrtown resident, Mr. L. A. Miller. Until the moment that the email arrived, no one associated with the website knew the diaries existed. Mr. Mowery donated 27 diaries that chronicle the life and times of Mr. L. A. Miller from 1910 through 1937.
  • In February 2018, Mr. Roy Yeomans, another resident of Colorado, contributed  four more Miller diaries from the years 1900, 1902, 1908, and 1909.


For more information about these thoughtful and much appreciated contributions and to view excerpts from Mr. Miller's diaries, visit the L. A. Miller / Diaries-Background page.

The Stephen D. Cone Biographical and Historical Sketches


Cone's book serves as a resource for those who seek information about Darrtown and vicinity.


While this text is described as providing information about the city of Hamilton, Ohio, from 1792 to 1896, it also includes information about other Butler County communities.


Darrtown is referenced four times:


  • 1. Herbert Eugene Twitchell practiced medicine in Darrtown during the 1880's


  • 2. John W. Erwin "located" the Hamilton and Darrtown Pike, among others in the Butler County area.


  • 3. John Pierson, of Darrtown, lost his life in the Mexican War, while serving under Captain Ferdinand VanDerveer.


  • 4. James R. Fulkerson began farming in the Darrtown area at the age of seventeen. For 12 years, he served as the superintendent of the Hamilton, Darrtown, and Fairhaven turnpike.


This is a digitized Google selection and a search feature is provided within the book. See: Stephen D. Cone's "Biographical and Historical Sketches - A Narrative of Hamilton and Its Residents - from 1792 to 1896" at:

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