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Tom Thumb Wedding - circa 1930's


(The following article appeared in the Hamilton Journal - circa 1930's)


"Following is the program for the Tom Thumb wedding to be presented by the primary department of the Darrtown Lutheran church, Thursday night, under the direction of Mrs. Caroline Frederick.


President and Mrs. Hoover - Eldon Wyckoff and Helen McVicker

Governor and Mrs. Roosevelt - Edward Fowler and Betty Alston

Former Sweetheart - Mary Lou McVicker

Old Maid Aunt - Wanda Wolf

Grandfather and Grandmother - Ralph Bufler and Corrine Bufler

Mother of the Groom - Dorothy Glardon

Bride's Mother - Dorothy Ward

Minister - Donald McVicker

Groom - George Edward Manrod

Best Man - Jack Wiley

Ushers - Jack Fowler, Ray Bufler, Norbert Ward, and Charles Teckman

Bridesmaids - Grace Krebs, Mary Cory, Kathryn Williams, Elizabeth Fowler, and Vera Wyckoff

Maid of Honor - Harriet Wagonfield

Flower Girls - Sarah Jane Manrod and Mary Eleanor Bufler

Bride - Alice Mae Kramer

Bride's Father - Eugene Wagonfield

Ring Bearers - Douglas Ward and Junior Wills"

Tom Thumb Wedding - circa Early 1940's

The first image below shows the participants in a Darrtown "Tom Thumb" wedding, from the early 1940's. The second image of the same event includes the names of the participants, as we have been able to identify them. If you can identify others in this photograph, please contact the webmaster.

1. Johnnie Bradbury

2. Ronnie Wiley - groom

3. Melva Jewell - bride

4. Myra Hansel

5. Judy Hansel

6. Linda Mee?

7. Linda Brooks

8. Shirley MIchael

9. Billy Brooks

10. Donna Jewell

11. ___ Mann?

12. Beverly Bradbury

13. Roberta Napier

14. Paul "Pete" Jewell

15. ___ Pierson?

16. Jackie Matthews

17. Susan Clark

18. Harlan Miller

19. Imogene Schultz

20. Patty Manrod

21. Patricia Hansel

22. Lois Ferst

23. ?

24. Joann Jewell

25. ?

26. ?

27. Eugene Napier

28. Roger Wiley

29. Bob Young

30. Mary Lee Fogerty

Darrtown Parade - circa 1900


RIGHT: This photograph shows the Darrtown Cornet Band parading south on Main Street (Hamilton-Richmond Pike).


This image was copied from an Oxford Press newspaper clipping that was contributed by Mrs. Alice (Kramer) Miller. It appeared in the Oxford Press (circa July 1976).


The newspaper caption included the following:


"The 'Hitching Post' site is behind the horse and buggy at the left. Building at the right was constructed for a skating rink. Sign above porch advertises Martin Mason Lager Beer. The Darrtown Band was organized prior to 1895 and practiced in Frank Bufler's hall and later used the K. of P. hall, built in 1904."


Webmaster observations regarding the above photo:

> If everyone walking in the parade was a band member, then that was a sizable cornet band for a small town.

> Main Street (Hamilton-Richmond Road) was a dirt/gravel roadway.

> The horse appears to be standing at a rail (i.e. a "hitching post").

> If the Oxford Press caption is correct and the horse is standing in front of the Hitching Post tavern, then this view is looking north.

> The utility pole suggests that the town had, or was about to have, electricity or telephone service.

> The "Martin Mason Lager Beer" referenced at the left is noted in Cone's Narrative of Hamilton.


Darrtown Stagecoach Stop


RIGHT: This is another photo from the same Oxford Press article that Mrs. Alice (Kramer) Miller provided (above). Unfortunately, like many newspaper photos, this one did not copy very well.


Another version of this photo appeared in the "Remember When" section of the Hamilton Journal - written by George Cummins. The caption read "This picture could be a scene from 'Westward Ho,' but it is actually the departure of the Aten, Blair, and McKee families for a camping trip in 1904. The campers and their wagon are shown in front of the Popst Hotel, Darrtown."


Students of Darrtown history may wish to note that the "McKee" farm is mentioned on the Schultz family page. The McKee property is believed to be the farm that was located northwest of the Kirk Mee I and Kirk Mee II homestead on North Main Street.


For Darrtown historians, the photograph at the left and the one above are exciting and valuable in two ways:

First, these turn of the (20th) century pictures are some of the oldest images that we have on this website.


Second, these photos seem to confirm oral history. Stories that older residents of Darrtown have relayed from their elders include the following:

    Darrtown Pike (Hamilton-Richmond Road) was a major thoroughfare for travelers, that featured a stagecoach line. We also were told that the Darrtown Pike was a toll road, at some point in history.

    Darrtown was home to several hotels, which were used by stagecoach travelers and drovers who herded livestock through Darrtown toward the Cincinnati stockyards.

Circus Stops in Darrtown!


According to Dane Menke, once upon a time, a circus stopped in Darrtown!


Dane recalls that this happened during one summer in the 1950's. It seemed to be some kind of lay-over until the group moved on to its next scheduled show.


For a couple of days, the traveling troupe camped in the parking lot that is located across the street from the Hitching Post.


As evidence of this special event, Dane provided the image shown at the left. The K of P Hall "outdoor restroom facility" can be seen in the background, at the right.

Fire at Ferguson Service Station

and Grocery Store - circa 1957-58


RIGHT: Donna Laughlin contributed this image, which appeared in the Oxford Press, along with the following caption.


"Firemen Battle Blaze at Darrtown Station


Firemen from Oxford and Collinsville were summoned to Darrtown, about 4:40 p.m., Thursday, when fire damaged the roof and upstairs living quarters of the Stanley Ferguson service station and grocery, located at 4330 Main Street, Darrtown.


Sgt. Clarence Blevins of the sheriff's department said damage was estimated at "several thousand dollars." Firemen were able to save some contents from the living quarters above the store, as the photograph indicates. Defective wiring is believed to be the cause of the fire."


Webmaster: The news clipping was dated 1957-58. Obviously, this incident preceded the installation of a fire department in Darrtown. This property was formerly owned and operated by Clarence Dees (see Businesses / Page 1).




2,000 People Attend Horse-Pulling Contest at Davis Farm in 1933


See the full-story, with an image of the 1933 event at: Horse-pulling contest at Davis farm.

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