Darrtown, Ohio history

is preserved here.

The information that appears on this website stems from documented history and/or the memories and artifacts of current and former residents of Darrtown and the Darrtown area.

Many families have photographs and/or scrapbooks. However, only those who possess those artifacts are able to enjoy them. By electronically sharing such items, we can collectively create a Darrtown-based "virtual community" memory album.

Thanks to the willingness of people to share their Darrtown artifacts, this website continues to grow. As of July 29, 2014, Darrtown.com contains 198 pages and over 1,000 images.

SHARE, IF YOU CAN - If you have Darrtown-related photographs, newspaper clippings, journals, or personal memories that you are willing to share, please contact the Darrtown.com webmaster at "Contact Me," below.

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DARRTOWN VILLAGE SQUARE PAVER PROJECT: Commemorate a memory of Darrtown! Honor a person, family, business, organization, etc. with a personalized paver in the village square! See Darrtown Bicentennial Paver Project
DARRTOWN FAMILY TREE: To see the Darrtown Family Tree and to learn how to acquire genealogy records of families that live (or lived) in or near Darrtown, click the Genealogy tab in the menu, at the top of this page.
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DARRTOWN UNIVERSITY: To see the website devoted to this unique institution of higher learning, visit Darrtown University